Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is This Really February in Ohio?

I could totally get used to loving winter in Columbus if it meant 60 degree days every day!  The entire 7 day forecast for this past weekend and this whole week is above 60 degrees and it's been so nice to get back outside.  Even though I'm sure it means it will probably snow in May or something crazy, we're just enjoying the sunny, spring-like days while we can.  

It didn't warm up really until Friday afternoon so when Lucy requested to play at the mall on Friday morning, I was totally fine with that...especially since I had a few returns to make anyways.   

Climbing on a gorilla at the play area

Watching big sis play

Cece loving her teething rings since those bottom teeth are coming through

Doing some tummy time

On Saturday morning, after I taught a TRX class at PAI, we ventured out to a tile store/showroom so Todd could pick up some tile he special ordered for the basement.  It also gave us a chance to look at some tile for our hallway bath (the girls' bathroom) that we are going to remodel.  We're in the process of meeting with contractors and hope to have it done within the next few months.  After lunch, we walked/rode down to the park in our neighborhood to let Lucy run around and play.  It was also the first time Cece sat in the stroller (without the infant car seat); she turned 7 months that day and I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone!

While Todd picked up his order, Lucy was showing me the red tile that she wants in their bathroom...which clearly isn't going to happen

and then we found a kids' play area which was so awesome!  Lucy played in there while Todd & I (and Cece) walked around looking at tile

Riding her strider bike to the park

First time sitting in the stroller by herself!

Lucy went down some slides...


danced on this tree stump...

and did the monkey bars with some help from daddy

Cece & I hung out and watched them play

While Cece took an afternoon nap and Lucy had some quiet time in her room (naps are only happening once or twice a week now for her), I started this book

Lucy didn't have Sunday school on Sunday since it was President's Day weekend so we didn't go to church and let me tell you how less stressful the morning was.  It was so nice to leisurely get ready, have breakfast, go to the grocery store, and meal prep for the week.  After lunch, we drove to Homestead Metro Park, a park that was near our townhome Todd & I lived in when we we first got married, that we'd never taken Lucy to.  It was a nice change of scenery and Lucy always has fun at whatever park or playground we go to.

Lucy is really into dressing and playing princess

Train car at the park that Lucy & Todd went inside

Climbing with daddy

Hanging out with my girl....and she looks so old here!

Perfect weekend all around and I'm already counting down the days till this weekend!

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