Monday, March 13, 2017

A Weekend Full of Errands

Since we found out that our contractor is starting our hallway bath remodel this week, Todd decided to take Friday off work so we could run around and pick out everything that the contractor needs to purchase (countertop, light fixture, mirror, knobs & pulls, towel hooks, etc.).  We started at the two places recommended for countertops and after a couple hours, we left frustrated (or rather, I did) because the look I was going for is only available in marble which is not a good option for a bathroom countertop since it stains easily with water.  We ended up going back on Saturday to one of the places and settled on a granite countertop.  Our next stop on Friday was to Home Depot and was much more successful since we ended up picking out everything else we needed.  That afternoon, I had a pedicure scheduled since we're going to the beach soon and I still had polish on my toes from my last pedicure in November.  Once the girls were in bed that night, Todd & I relaxed on the couch and watched The Girl on the Train.  I'd read the book for book club awhile back and thought the movie actually did a great job of depicting the book.

On Saturday, after an awesome class at System of Strength, we went back to the store to look at countertops and continued to run around to do a bunch of errands.  I felt bad that the kids were in the car quite a bit both Friday and Saturday (especially Cece since she was stuck in her car seat) but Lucy loves walking around stores and checking everything out.  She was such a trooper and so well-behaved the entire time we were out both days.  

After church and the grocery store on Sunday, we hung around the house the rest of the day.  We're finally getting a taste of winter and it was pretty chilly out (and we're supposed to get some snow this afternoon/tonight too!)  Our contractor also came over to meet with us one final time before they start demoing on Wednesday.  I'm so excited to see the final project, which should be done within 2-3 weeks, and will be posting before and after pictures at that point.

They had a kids' play area at Stone Mart so the girls hung out while Todd & I walked around looking at all the stone remnants to see if anything caught our eye

It was basically a huge warehouse of rows and rows of slabs

Since we were out all morning, Cece had to settle for a nap in her car seat and she eventually fell asleep at Home Depot

We picked out paint color (we're going with the middle color, Silver Bullet by Behr)

This is the counter top we eventually settled on (I really wanted a white marble with the gray veining but that wasn't really an option like I mentioned earlier)

Much needed pedicure/relaxation time

After Cece's afternoon nap, Lucy was trying to teach her baby signs (this one was "dog")

This one is "it hurts"

Happy girl on Saturday

Baby snuggles never get old

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