Monday, March 27, 2017

Trip to Jensen Beach, Florida: Day 4-7

Each day we were in Jensen Beach was a little warmer so we kept spending more and more time down by the pool.  Lucy couldn't get enough swimming and that's all she wanted to do every day which was fine with us.  We had given Todd's parents a pop-up tent to bring with them when they drove down in January and it was the perfect set up for Cece by the pool.  We would bring down a bunch of toys and her lunch and she would hang out in the shade for a few hours before heading up the condo for her afternoon nap.  We had a nice little routine down by the end of our vacation.

Day 4 (Saturday, March 18, 2017)

The first day or so, Cece wasn't so sure of PaPa & MaMa and would fuss if they held her; luckily, after a couple days, she realized they weren't so bad and was happy with them

Playing in the condo with the sun shining in

Lucy was spoiled with playing with MaMa's iPad

View of the pool from the boardwalk that leads to the beach 

View of the condo from down the beach during our walk

All ready for the pool after getting up from her nap

We pretty much took over this corner of the pool every day but it was the perfect spot for the tent and it was never really windy right there because of the walls

Cece hanging out

Looking at a book

Lucy in the pool with MaMa

Hanging out and keeping an eye on Cece

And every so often, I'd lay down in the tent with her

Taking a swim break to warm up and eat lunch

Sisters playing together

Selfie with Lucy

PB&J for lunch

View of the pool from the condo while I hung out there (the condo was on the 16th floor) during Cece's nap (I did manage to read an entire book on the trip, most of it during her nap times and in the evening once the girls were in bed)

That night, a space ship took off from Port Canaveral, which is about 100 miles away, and you could see it in the sky; Todd, Lucy, and his parents went down to the beach to see it but I was upstairs since Cece was already in bed so this was my view from the balcony (it just looked like a giant shooting star but was still pretty cool to see)

Day 5 (Sunday, March 19, 2017)
  • Church
  • Pool/beach
  • Dinner at the condo (chicken parmesan)
  • Date for dessert at Smallcakes

After church, we headed straight back down to the pool for the day

Todd throwing Lucy up in the air

I had brought Cece up for her afternoon nap when Todd & Lucy walked inside the condo, we had skipped Lucy's nap the whole trip and she was actually asking for some quiet time by Sunday afternoon.  Her quiet time turned into nap time pretty quickly (she fell asleep while looking at a book)

Since both girls were asleep, Todd stayed upstairs in the condo with them and let me have some time to myself by the pool....that hour was amazing!

After the girls were up, we headed down to the beach where Todd's parents had been with some of their friends from the condo; it got really windy though so after a few pictures to show that we were actually at the beach, we went back up to the condo

The wind made it kinda chilly too so Lucy wasn't very interested in taking pics or smiling

We had chicken parmesan for dinner at the condo that evening (which was so delicious and I'll need to replicate my mother-in-law's recipe at home sometime) and once the girls were in bed, Todd & I snuck out for a quick dessert date at Smallcakes

They typically have 17 flavors of cupcakes but we went 30 min before they were closing and they were down to about 10 flavors

They also have 14 flavors of homemade ice cream

I got a Smash which is a cupcake cut in half with 2 scoops of ice cream in the middle; I also had them add some hot fudge to the top

Todd ate the cupcake on the bottom left (hot fudge sundae) and we took the other ones back for Todd's parents to pick from

It rarely happens so it's nice to actually get out and spend some time together without the girls

Day 6 (Monday, March 20, 2017)
  • Took Lucy for a walk on the beach
  • Pool
  • Dinner at condo (leftovers)
  • Walked around downtown Stuart & had ice cream at Kilwin's

We started our last full day in Florida with a walk on the beach

Lucy was very excited to find shells and then rinse the sand off of them in the ocean

Looking for shells

Running around

After Cece was up from her nap, we set up yet again by the pool

This time, I let Todd take over baby duty while I swam with Lucy

Holding on to a noodle while swimming in the deep end

Todd & I switched and Lucy was practicing swimming underwater without her puddle jumper on while MaMa looked on

After another full day of swimming, we ate dinner at the condo and then drove to downtown Stuart to walk around and get some ice cream; again, no naps and staying up later than normal caught up to Lucy by the end of our trip and she fell asleep in the car on the 15 min drive to Stuart so PaPa let her sleep in his arms while we walked around 

Part of the river walk in the downtown area

Looking the other way

Cece was content in the stroller

We woke Lucy up when it was time to get ice cream at Kilwin's

She got marshmallow s'more with sprinkles

Cece even tried her first taste of ice cream too!

Perfect night to sit outside and eat ice cream

Day 7 (Tuesday, March 21, 2017)
  • Pool
  • Packed
  • Drove 2 hours to Fort Lauderdale for direct flight back home

After I got back from working on on our last morning, I sat out on the balcony to watch the sun come up; no one else was up yet so it was very relaxing to sit out there by myself and look at this gorgeous view

Our flight wasn't until 7:00 PM that evening and even with the 2 hour drive to the airport, we still had a few hours that morning/early afternoon to go to the pool one last time

Sneaking in a few more family photos 

The girls with MaMa and PaPa

Our best attempt at a family selfie

We had a non-stop 2.5 hour flight back home from Fort Lauderdale which was a breeze; Cece never fell asleep even though our flight took off typically when we goes to bed but she never fussed once and was just content being held in our arms, Of course, as soon as we got in the car in Columbus at the airport, both girls were asleep within minutes

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