Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weekend Catch Up

After getting back from Florida last week, it was nice to have a weekend at home to catch up on things and get back to our normal schedule.  It seems like we managed to miss the last of the winter weather when we were on vacation and came back to a 70 degree weekend (although it did rain on Sunday).  We played outside quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday was spent running errands and getting stuff done around the house.  We also had to deal with a car issue (my car wouldn't start several times this weekend despite getting a new battery less than a year ago) and buying/installing a new storm door since ours blew open during a really windy day a couple weeks ago and got destroyed.

Every few weeks, I'll go into the basement and pull out a "new" baby toy for Cece; on Saturday, I got out Lucy's old walker and I'm pretty sure she played with it more than Cece (every time I looked over, Lucy was on the phone talking to one of her friends)

Todd put together the bike Lucy got for her birthday in September and she attempted to ride it to the park; she lasted about 2 minutes before saying she'd rather walk

Cece was excited to get a ride in the stroller to the park

I was surprised there was hardly anyone there on Saturday with the weather being so nice

After the park, we walked across the street to the Daily Growler so Todd could pick out his crowler of the month

After naps, I took the girls back outside so Lucy could play with chalk and bubbles (seriously, it's one of her favorite spring/summer activities); I set Cece up on a blanket with some toys and she was entertained for almost an hour


and chalk!

 She told me she was drawing rainbow circles

On Sunday, while Cece stayed at home with Todd for her morning nap, Lucy & I went grocery shopping and she was so excited to push her own cart around

The girls playing together; Lucy is ready for Cece to get a bit bigger so they can play more together

This coming weekend will be a bit busier as I'm subbing 2 classes at PAI on Saturday morning and we're heading to the Anthony Thomas Candy Company to see the Easter Bunny!

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