Thursday, May 18, 2017

Birthday Celebration for #34

Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day over the weekend but we also celebrated my birthday which was on Monday.  Since they were on back-to-back days, Todd planned fun things for each occasion.  Like I wrote about yesterday, we spent Mother's Day at Inniswood Metro Gardens on a picnic. 

On Saturday night though, Todd had planned a surprise date night for my birthday and my parents graciously came over to watch the girls while we went to dinner at Marcella's in the Short North.  We hadn't gone out on a date since February and after Todd traveling for work for 2 weeks, I think going out was just what we needed.  Now that Cece is a little bit older, I need to see if our high school sitter is willing to babysit.  She had told me when Cece was born, she didn't feel comfortable watching babies so we haven't used her in almost a year since we would need a sitter for both girls.  Anyways, Todd had made reservations for us at Marcella's, one of my favorite restaurants, and had requested a seat by the window since it was a warm night and they would have them open to the street.  

Ready to head out on our date

We sat at that empty table on the left

All smiles on our date

Todd also surprised me with an early birthday present---diamond earrings!

Hands down my favorite appetizer ever is Melted Pecorino Cheese with honey, apple slices, and crostini

I got the Fettucini & Meatball....which was HUGE and I only managed to eat half of it

Todd got the lasagna

After dinner, Todd asked if I wanted dessert so we stopped by the Moonlight Market downtown and I picked out a treat from Mrs. Turbo's Cookies

No surprise that I got a Buckeye Brownie since I can't resist chocolate and peanut butter

On Sunday, my parents came over after dinner so we could celebrate Mother's Day with my mom and they brought a birthday cake too so we had a double celebration.

Lots of pictures with me and my girls from the weekend

 Family pic

Lucy singing Happy Birthday

Helping me blow out the candles

Cece enjoyed some of the chocolate cake

Everyone eating their cake and ice cream

Monday was my actual birthday and since I only work half days, Todd also only worked a half day and was home with us in the afternoon which was really nice.  He spent most of the time though making a Homemade Funfetti Cake and chicken parmesan for dinner.  Both were delicious!  It was definitely a birthday to remember and I felt very spoiled by Todd and the girls.

Lucy helped Todd by licking the icing off the beaters

Homemade chicken parmesan and fettucini

Another day, another picture of us with a cake

And yet another family picture

Officially 34!

 Double layer funfetti cake made from scratch

The icing was really good and wasn't too rich or greasy like a buttercream icing

Nothing beats a piece of cake and scoop of ice cream for dessert

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