Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shopping & a Birthday Party

While we celebrated Lucy's last day of preschool last Thursday, I was also celebrating on Friday because Todd was finally coming home from a two week business trip to India & Japan (he spent one week in India, flew from India to Japan over the weekend, and spent one week in Japan).  Typically when he travels for work, he's only gone for one week so needless to say we were all ready for him to come home after two weeks (and he was definitely ready to be home too!).  Todd wasn't due in until late afternoon so the girls & I played at home the first part of the morning and then went to the new outlet mall once Cece was up from her nap.  We went once back in the late summer when I was still on maternity leave and I knew they had a little outdoor play area that would be perfect for Lucy to play on when she needed a break from shopping.  We ended up being there for a few hours and once we got home and the girls had naptime/quiet time, Todd came home.  He was pretty tired so we didn't do anything on Friday evening.

The girls having a tea party

Lucy is such a great big sister and is constantly giving Cece hugs & kisses

Working on her leg strength

Ready to go shopping!


and sliding

We stopped at Starbucks for a quick snack and Lucy picked out a pirate cake pop

After making it back to SOS for a class on Saturday morning (not going to lie, I was pretty excited to have Todd back so I could actually go work out somewhere other than our house or the Y....although Cece is definitely having separation anxiety so those workouts at the Y only last about 15-20 min), we headed over to Library Park for Brody's 1st birthday party.  It was the perfect morning outside at the park and Lucy had fun playing with her friends on the playground.  

It was a "B" themed birthday party for Brody so Lynn had a brunch spread of bananas, berries, bagels, and bundt cakes

Birthday boy getting started on his cake before we could even sing happy birthday

The girls (Brody is one of the only boys in our group of friends) picking out their bundt cakes


Another view of the girls and Brody

Still going to town on his cake 

Opening presents

Lucy & Cece were so excited to have daddy home again!

We had a busy rest of the weekend with a surprise date night for my birthday on Saturday as well as having a picnic on Sunday for Mother's Day.  I'll have a couple more posts up this week about the rest of our weekend.

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