Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Typical Spring Weekend

We didn't really have anything planned this past weekend so we were able to fit a lot of fun things in for the girls starting with going to the zoo on Friday on my day off work, playing with the water table, and walking to the park.   It rained a lot on Saturday so that was our day to play at home and then run a bunch of errands once the weather turned around.  I also got both girls signed up for summer swim lessons at the Y as well as signing Lucy up for pre-tap in the fall.  She does ballet now, which was her only option as a 3 year old, but she asked if she could try tap next year. 

Lucy & I working on a word search on Friday morning while Cece napped

The tulips made the perfect backdrop for this picture of my 2 cuties

Lucy checking out the fish

Posing with Pepe

The penguins were probably the most active I've ever seen them on Friday, jumping in and out of the water and swimming all around

Cece's first carousel ride (we all sat on the bench together)


 Lucy's request was to see the elephants and we were lucky to catch one of them outside 

Train ride (selfies are very difficult with shorter arms and 2 little kids; I have a really hard time getting all of us in the picture)

After we got back home and Cece took a nap, we worked on her standing to build up her leg strength and doing some of the leg movements/exercises the pediatrician recommended

She's definitely become steadier this past week

Lego time!

 This was the only picture I took on Saturday since we pretty much played at home and ran errands (I caught Cece mid-clap, she's obsessed with clapping right now)

 Sunday morning was Lucy's last PSR class ("church school") so all the preschoolers put on a little 10 minute concert after mass (Lucy is in the second row in the middle) 

Our routine is to do our weekly grocery shopping on Sunday morning after church and now that Cece is sitting in the cart by herself, Lucy pushes around a little cart of her own

 When we were running errands on Saturday, Lucy picked out an activity book that involved practicing using scissors to cut out pictures so we spent some time doing that

Cece looked on and clapped for Lucy when she did a good job of cutting

 Since it reached the mid-80s on Sunday, I got out Lucy's water table while Cece napped; we had a nice time in the backyard playing and I was surprised Lucy played for an entire hour (last summer, she would last maybe 30 min on a good day) 

 After Cece was up, Lucy requested walking down to the park to play...

and I was surprised she wanted me to take the double stroller....until I realized she wanted to eat a snack

I seriously cannot believe it's already May!  We have a busy month of birthdays ahead of us as we have 5 kids' birthday parties this month--1 every weekend and 2 over Memorial Day weekend, and Zoombezi Bay will open in a few weeks too!

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