Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekend with My 2 Girls

Lucy, Cece, and I started our weekend on Friday with some play time at Tree of Life Play + Cafe followed by a quick stop at the Powell Touch-a-Truck.  The original plan was to walk down to touch-a-truck and spend our morning there but it was rainy and cold so we decided to play inside instead.  When we left the play area, it had stopped raining so on our way home we swung by the park to see if the touch-a-truck event was still going on and it was!  There was hardly anyone there (we went last year and it was PACKED) so Lucy got her pick of trucks and vehicles to check out before the event ended.

Part of the play area (Lucy is in the pink sweater jumping on the trampoline)

Cece watching the big kids play

Cece standing up on the block while watching the kids (she's been getting so much better at standing but still wants nothing to do with being on her tummy or attempting to scoot/crawl)

Going down the slide into a ball pit

First stop at touch-a-truck was the school bus

Waving out the window

Cece eating cheerios and watching Lucy

Checking out the library bus

Hugs from a doggy

Before bed on Friday night, Lucy lined up all her "students" and they put on a show for us (she even made me take a video which was hilarious since there was obviously no sound or movement actually involved)

On Saturday, Lucy had a birthday party for a friend (this was birthday party #1 of 5 this month!) at Central Park Playland at Westerville Christian Church.  Luckily, Lucy's friend happens to be my friend's daughter so I was able to hang out with my friends for a couple hours.

She loves this activity book that she can cut things out of

Huge play area at the birthday party

All the kids sitting down to eat pizza

My girls

Eating cake (and yes, another one of Lucy's little friends is wearing the same shirt as her)

Emmy opening Lucy's present

While the big kids played, Cece & Brody stole each other's snacks

I'm pretty sure these two ate more at the party than their older sisters 

Happy girl in her pjs before bed

I actually had some time on Saturday night to work on Cece's baby book after the girls were in bed; thank god I do monthly updates on here because there's no way I would remember what Cece was doing months ago

Sundays always seems busy with doing laundry, going to the grocery store and doing some meal prep for the week and this last Sunday was no exception.  On top of that, Lucy & I made Chocolate Chip Cherry cookies for Grandma & Grandpa and we walked down to the Powell Street Market that was set up in downtown Powell.

After baking the cookies, you put a maraschino cherry on the top...

and then cover it with chocolate

Powell has a street market several times throughout the spring/summer every year but this was the first time I'd ever been and I will definitely go back; there were lots of cute and fun things for sale

Stopped and bought a few new headbands for Cece

They have vendors set up all along Powell Road in downtown Powell and down a few of the side streets

Lucy spun the wheel at Cruz Candy and picked out a piece of candy she won

They also had pony rides for the kids; Lucy was scared at first because she was confused how the ponies were going to move up & down (she thought it was going to be like a carousel) but relaxed a bit once she saw they were just going to walk around in a circle

My parents were also planning on going to the street market so we just all walked down together and Lucy wanted Grandpa to walk next to her on the pony ride

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