Monday, July 3, 2017

Friday with the Girls

Lucy has been begging to go to COSI now for awhile but since it's been so nice outside recently, I'd rather do something fun outside with her & Cece and save COSI for a rainy or cold day.  As luck would have it for her, it was overcast with a chance of rain on Friday morning so after Cece's nap, we ended up spending a few hours at COSI which we followed up with a stop at Kittie's Cakes in German Village for a sweet treat.  Lucy was so happy to finally go to COSI and kept thanking me the rest of the day which was just the sweetest thing.

I painted Lucy's nails (hands and toes) during Cece's nap

Cheesing on the construction vehicles set up outside of Kid Space at COSI

Playing in the doctor's office area

Cece playing with a ball she found

 Attempted selfie with Cece resulted in her just playing with my hair....but hey, look how happy she is!

Cowgirl Lucy

Cece in the baby area

Water fun

Cece loved this table that was lit up and had bright colored blocks all over it

Riding the rocketship in the 1960s part of the "Progress" area

 Outside of Kittie's Cakes

She picked a S'mores cupcake

 After the girls were in bed on Friday, Todd & I had our own little date night with some takeout sushi

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