Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Zoo, Festival, & Movies

Despite the slightly cooler temps this past weekend and not being warm enough for the pool or Zoombezi Bay, we still found plenty of fun activities to keep us busy!  We started with swim lessons on Saturday morning where Todd swam with Cece and I was able to watch Lucy followed by a few hours at the zoo, home for Cece's nap, and then walking down to the Powell Festival where we ended up running into some friends.  With all the walking, I hit a new all-time high of steps on my FitBit with over 25,000!

Todd & his girls ready for swim lessons 

I swear she's enjoying herself

I was so happy to watch Lucy; she did great and even the lifeguard commented to me afterwards that she's doing really well and reminds her of how she was as a little girl in the pool

At the petting zoo area in the zoo

We basically went to the zoo to do all the "extra" stuff and not see the animals so we rode the camel

Lucy & I posing at the end of our ride

We rode the carousel

Even Cece got to ride!

And we went to Jungle Jack's Landing to ride some of the amusement park type rides

First time riding the tea cups and she loved it!  I let Todd go on this one because I'm pretty sure I would've been sick; I can't handle spinning in circles any more (even the carousel is almost too much for me)

She rode the train by herself

We walked around the food trucks first at the Powell Festival and stopped to get some ice cream from the Handel's truck and this is where we ran into our friends 

The man on stilts taught Lucy how to spin a ball on her finger

While Lucy played in the kids' area (bounce house, slides, obstacle course), Cece & her buddy, Keegan, played with the giant lego blocks

Happy girl

Lucy going down the slide

On Sunday, Lucy & Todd had a daddy daughter date to the movies---Lucy's first time!  In the summer on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday mornings, one of the local theaters offers $3 kids' movies and this week's movie was Sing which is one of Lucy's favorites right now.  Todd said she did great even though she was a little nervous at first because it was already dark in the theater when they walked in.  She doesn't like really loud noises so I was afraid she'd think it was too loud but she did fine and I think it helped it was a movie she's already seen a few times.

After they got home and we had lunch, Todd worked in the basement (still working on his beer-making room) while the girls & I ran to Target and the library.  Once I put Cece down for her nap, Todd continued to work in the basement and Lucy & I drove up to the outlet malls (I was looking for a few things I'd seen online at Gap & J. Crew) so I could shop and she could play for a bit.

Outside the movies

All set with her popcorn

While they were at the movies, I got to spend a couple hours one-on-one with this cutie

 Lucy playing in the play area at the mall later in the afternoon

We crammed a lot in to a couple days which I feel like we always do since the weekends are really our only time to spend time together as a family.  Last week in general was really busy with both Todd & I working late a few nights and we had to get our hot water tank replaced too so we were busy dealing with plumbers on Thursday and Friday.  Hoping this week is a little bit more restful before the holiday weekend.

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