Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cecelia at 11 Months

11 months on June 18, 2017

This month has been all about trying to get Cece to move!  She's slowly improving and fingers crossed, let's hope she's crawling or cruising by her 1st birthday.  She can sit and move around in a circle, roll places, and scoot on her belly backwards.  She will go from a seated position onto her belly and will push up but hasn't actually crawled yet.  She can stand and hold on to something but hasn't taken any steps yet.

We started swim lessons with her this month which she loves and we also got her out of the her sleep sack.  She has a thin blanket in her crib and will finally roll over and sleep on her belly.  The only bad thing is she is now routinely getting her legs stuck through the crib and we have to go into her room a few times each week to pull her legs out if she starts crying.  We hopefully can put the bumper back in the crib soon to avoid this from happening.  Just this past weekend too we changed her from the infant car seat carrier to a bigger car seat.  The carrier was getting awkward and was much harder on my back to carry.

Weight: Probably around 16-16.5 lbs (She was 16 lbs at her 10 month follow up appt)

Length: Probably around 29 inches (She was 27.75 in. at her 9 month appt)

Clothes: Wearing anywhere from 6-12 months clothes and she just moved up to size 3 diapers.  She has tiny feet though and is still only wearing a size 2.

Eating:  Still eating anything and everything!  She prefers veggies over fruit and loves meat (meatballs, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, etc.) and gets mad if someone else is eating and she isn't.  Other big news in the eating department is that I'm completely done breastfeeding and have been for almost this whole month.  I was kinda getting over it and knew I had enough milk in the freezer from pumping to last a couple months so she's still drinking breastmilk.  Oh, and we're totally done with bottles--she drinks milk and water from a sippy cup or straw cup. Her eating schedule is still the same...breakfast around 8:00 AM, lunch around 12:00-12:30 PM, snack around 4:30 PM, and dinner around 6:00 PM with breastmilk or water in a sippy cup.  Once she eats dinner, we don't give her a night time bottle since she goes to bed shortly after that.

Sleeping: Sleeping schedule hasn't change at all in the past month.  She takes 2 naps, one around 9:00ish AM and one around 2:00 PM.  She'll nap from anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  She's usually down for bed between 7:30-8:00 PM and is up around 7:00 AM.

Likes: Eating, her pacifier, finding random crumbs and hairs on the floor, blankets, clapping & waving

Dislikes: when her plate is empty

Milestones: First parade (May 29), started scooting backwards on belly (June 1), first swim lesson (June 3), started saying mama (June 12), first Father's day (June 18)

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