Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Besides running, one thing I really love to do is read. I enjoy reading all kinds of books but typically I either read "chick lit" or books about running. Every so often, I'm going to post what I'm reading and whether or not I'd recommend reading it because I know I'm always searching for good books.

Vision in White by Nora Roberts
Vision in White is the first book in a four book series called "The Bride Quartet" about childhood friends, Emma, Laurel, Parker, and Mackensie who operate a wedding planner company named Vows. Each has their own specialty: one creates beautiful wedding cakes, one arranges floral arrangements, one handles the books, and one is a photographer. Each book in the series will focus on one of the characters. Vision in White is about Mackensie, the photographer. I've never read any other books by Nora Roberts so I don't know how this compares but I found it to be a fun, easy read about friendship and romance. The second book in the series just came out last month, called Bed of Roses, and is about Emma, the florist. I already have another book to read but I'm sure I'll be reading that one too in the next couple weeks.

The Runner's Rule Book by Mark Remy

This is a quick, entertaining read for runners that discusses rules, etiquette, and behavior of running. There are some serious rules but a lot of them are meant to be humorous. Some of my favorites include:

Rule 1.4 Black Toenails are Badges of Honor
Rule 2.32 Do Whatever it Takes to Finish Ahead of a Costumed Runner
Rule 3.5 Save the Race Shirt for Post Race


Anonymous said...

i hope you keep up book posts! i love reading too. i make sure to read a little (for fun NOT school) everyday. i've read nora roberts but i've never been fully into her. have you read any james patterson? or michael crichton? or lisa jackson? or... i guess i could go on and on haha

i kind of want to check out the runner's rule book but they plug it sooo much on rwol that i'm a bit sick of it. love those favs of yours though

jwittich said...

Another rule: Take off the finisher's medal by the time you get in the car.