Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Afternoon with Chihuly

After a decent workout at my apartment gym Saturday morning (8 miles on the treadmill at 8:18 pace for me and 3.1 miles & some lifting for Todd), we had no plans for the day. That is, until Todd remembered the Chihuly exhibits on display at both the Columbus Museum of Art and the Franklin Park Conservatory. We were pretty excited to go and even more pumped when we remembered one of our friends, Sara, had given us free tickets to both places. Her and her husband live in Pittsburgh but they were in town for the Columbus Marathon in October and the hotel they stayed at had given her these tickets. So, we saved $40 and got to see Chihuly for free all afternoon. Thanks Sara!

Our first stop was the Columbus Museum of Art. They're going through some major renovations so most of the exhibits were closed so all we were really able to see was the Chihuly exhibit, which was called Chihuly Illuminated. It was pretty neat because the rooms with the hand blown glass were darkened with only spotlights or black lights on them.

The biggest piece on exhibit at the Columbus Museum of's pretty incredible what Dale Chihuly can do!

Todd posing....he loves Chihuly

Next, we went to the Franklin Park Conservatory. They have the Chihuly pieces all throughout the conservatory starting at the front entrance and spread out into the botanical exhibits. They have a couple permanent Chihuly pieces from the last time he was there a few years ago. If you have never been to FPC before, definitely check it out now while the exhibit is around. It's cool to walk through the different botanical regions (tropical rain forest, desert, Himalayas) to not only see the flowers & plant life there but also to see the colorful hand blown glass hidden throughout.

Pieces of Chihuly on the ceiling, similar to what is at Bellagio in Vegas

Todd & I in the rain forest
Todd wanted me to buy him a piece of only cost $5600 for this little one

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