Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3:00 AM Wake Up Call

I had to be at work at 3:45am this morning....ugh.

Pros: there's very little traffic at 3:30am so I can get to work in record time and I get to leave work by 12:15pm

Cons: having to get up at 3am, getting ready for work when most people are still in a deep sleep, and being thrown off any sort of normal sleeping schedule the rest of the week

One week a month we offer early morning testing to accommodate for 3rd shift police officers to come in and do their yearly fitness test because they're allowed to do it on duty. We also offer one week a month of evening testing from 7-9pm for 2nd shift police officers, which means for me, working a normal 8 hour day and then coming back to work again at night. Nice perk for them, not so nice for me. Luckily, our schedule for these weird hours is pretty light for the first half of the year because police officers like to procrastinate and wait until the last few months of the year to do their fitness test. Come November & December, I'll be working all kinds of crazy hours. To tell you the truth, since I'm a morning person anyways, I don't really mind working at 3:45am every once in awhile because then I get a lot errands & housework done in the afternoon since I get off early. I also have the pleasure of working at this early hour on Thursday morning. I guess the week will go by fast!

I wanted to share some pics from the weekend. Sunday afternoon, Todd & I decided to make some bread in his bread maker. We used to make bread pretty frequently and then use the bread to make paninis...my favorite! Since we were just hanging out and lounging around before heading to a friend's indoor soccer game, we figured we'd make a loaf of Two Cheese Bread. It was so good!

Todd adding all the ingredients to the bread maker

About 3 hours later, we'd have a warm loaf of bread

The finished product
Hot, fresh cheese bread...you can even see the steam coming from it

On a running note, I ran hills & a few miles at tempo pace yesterday morning. I did 8 mi total with 2 x 0.25 mi @ 5% grade and 2 x 0.50 mi @ 3% grade all at goal marathon pace. I threw in a few miles at the end in 7:40 pace. I ended my workout with an easy 20 min on the elliptical. Today I did 30 min on the elliptical and did a total body circuit for strength training with 1 x 8 min of jump rope thrown in there. Tomorrow I have 12 mi on tap which will be a progression run of some sort and am hoping to average under goal marathon pace. I'm feeling really good about my running this week & am excited to get to my first 20 mi of this training cycle on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

omg the earliest i've probably ever gotten up was 430 and i thought it was brutal! props to you for getting up even earlier (even though you had to hah)

but i like early mornings for the reason you described: the rest of your day is nice and free. if you can stay awake haha