Wednesday, March 3, 2010

B.A.A. 5K and Other Boston Things

This morning, I registered Todd & I for the B.A.A. (Boston Athletic Association) 5K, which is held the day before the marathon. It will be our first race together! I figured since I was already planning on running 3 mi that morning to shake out my legs, why not run an easy, fun 5K and that way, Todd can also say he ran a race in Boston. The cool part is that you finish at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Course map (click to enlarge)--the dotted green line is the 5K course route & our hotel is a few blocks from the finish by the Hynes Convention Center

Finish line of the marathon taken a couple days before the race last year

It's hard to believe it'll be here just next month. I've been waiting almost a year to go back and it's flown by. Since it's coming up quickly, we've been trying to plan a few things to do while we're in Boston. We will be flying in early Saturday morning, April 17 and will be leaving Wednesday evening, April 21. The marathon is on Monday, April 19. Todd & I already bought tickets for the Red Sox game for the night after the marathon and plan on walking the Freedom Trail either Tuesday or Wednesday after the race...depending on how sore I am! I also thought ahead and made reservations at La Summa in the North End (Boston's equivalent to Little Italy) for the night before the marathon.

Anyone else have recommendations for things to do or places to eat?

Speaking of Boston, I had a great run this morning. I did 10 mi with a 2 mi warm up, 6 mi tempo @ 7:31 average pace, and 2 mi cooldown. I'll run again tomorrow morning on the treadmill with some hill intervals and do some strength training. I also have to go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to have my cholesterol re-checked...ugh. I had it checked in November and it was high (thanks Dad!) so I had 3 months to go on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to see if I could lower it. I hope it's worked!


Anonymous said...

awesome tempo run. i'm hoping to have a similar workout tomorrow.

and i'm wayyyyyyy jealous that youre going to a sox game! seems like you have some really fun plans in the works, especially the racing with todd :)

Bethany said...

I love reading about your marathon preparation!! I can hardly run a mile, but reading about all the running you do inspires me to do more and more cardio! I'm more of an arc trainer or eliptical kind of girl :) I can't wait to see how you do this year in Boston. Enjoy your time in the city--it is such a wonderful place to visit!!