Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 Days Til Bean Town

The marathon is in 12 days but Todd & I leave in 10 days! To quote Jesse Spano, I'm so excited! I swear anytime somebody mentions it or asks me about it I start to get heart palpitations. There are so many emotions involved in training for and running a marathon but it's a million times more when it's the Boston Marathon.

For those of you that read my blog to see how my training has been going, I apologize if I've been slacking. I obviously haven't been running much because of my shin/tibia issues so I don't really have many running workouts to talk about. On Monday, I did an hour of intervals on the elliptical followed by lifting total body. Yesterday, I did 30 min easy on the elliptical followed by a sweaty 45 min spinning class and then taught a 20 min core class after work. This morning I got up and did 40 min on the elliptical before lifting total body. I did, however, run today after work before I taught boot camp. My life is so hectic right now since I started teaching boot camp 3x/week on top of my full time job! Anyways, it was another gorgeous spring day and I was hoping to run 6-8 mi with some at goal marathon pace but it was a big fat FAIL. As in, my leg started hurting (again!) so I stopped after 2 mi. I realized there's no point in pushing it now and if I did, I would only make it worse. I am frustrated because it felt great after my 18 mi on Saturday and hasn't been bothering me until today. I plan on not running again until I get to Boston. This is yet another reason for my heart palpitations. Oh well, at least it's taper time so I should be able to take it somewhat easy the next week and a half.

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Anonymous said...

i've been doing SO MUCH arc training lately too. it's driving me insane and i have mucho respecto for you doing so much xt lately. i've been toying with not running to boston but that's giving me heart palpitations too.

hope that your life gets onto a less crazy schedule! what kind of boot camp is it that you're teaching?