Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston: Day 1 & 2

Todd & I got into Boston around 9:00am yesterday morning and we went straight to our hotel, the Sheraton Boston in Back Bay, to check in. Luckily our room was ready so we dropped off our luggage and headed to the marathon expo.

Our first stop at the expo was to pick up our 5K packets. Unfortunately, I paid $40 for a tech shirt that is too big for a race I didn't end up running.

Todd in front of the 5K course map with bib number & tech shirt in hand

We then headed to the actual marathon expo where I picked up my bib number and immediately turned it back in so I could defer my qualifying time to 2011. After, we walked around the expo for probably close to 2 hours. I love walking around all the booths to look at the clothes, try & pick up free samples, and hopefully bump into some somewhat famous people. The only thing I absolutely hate about the expo is all the crowds. It is insane.

Pouting with my bib number in front of the marathon course map. You have no idea how many people told me to smile....until I told them I was injured
I loved all the signs around the expo and around the city

Turning in my bib number
Check out all the free stuff we got! Ok, some of it wasn't free like the 3 shirts on the left side (technically I paid for the blue marathon shirt and the yellow 5K shirt with my entry fee & I couldn't resist buying the Nike Run Boston t-shirt, especially since it didn't say 2010 and I have run Boston already) or the book on the right side, but all the bars and boxes of cereal were! Now we just have to figure out how we're going to take all this back on the airplane....

The goods
Even though it was chilly & raining a little bit, we decided to head outside after the expo to see some of the city. Our first stop was a trip down Newbury Street and to Boston Commons.

Todd & I by the swan boats in the Boston Public Gardens

Quick stop by Cheers

Posing on the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue
We took the T (Boston's public transportation) to Faneuil Hall to walk around some more and eat dinner. We ate at Durgin-Park and Todd had the best crab cakes! We also tried some Boston staples such as Boston baked beans, clam chowder, and Boston cream pie, but more on that in another post. We had a long day and headed back to the hotel around 8:00pm and went straight to bed.

They have another Cheers in Faneuil Hall so Todd stopped & took a drink from Norm's glass

Today we woke up and Todd had his big 5K this morning. Since I couldn't run, I was excited to go cheer him on and support him running a race for once. I can't tell you the last time I've watched a race live but I loved it. It was an exciting race and amazing to see how fast some people really are.

Before the race, we took some pictures at the finish line of the marathon, which was also the finish line of the 5K.

My only chance to cross the finish line in 2010
Todd & I before the race
Hanging out in the bleachers right at the finish line. There's a huge screen set up for the marathon that they broadcast the last straight away on Boyleston
American Josh Cox won the 5K in 14:30!

Todd waving as he runs towards the finish. I was so proud of him!
Todd showing off his very first running medal

We showered up after the race and took a quick nap before heading out for brunch. We walked down Commonwealth Ave and decided we want to buy a place here.....that is until we found out they cost at least $1 million and a parking spot is $300,000. Hmmm....probably not gonna happen!

We bought tickets to go on the Duck Tour, which takes you around the city but then also goes into the Charles River. It was actually really cool and a nice way to see Boston.

I was excited we had a pink duck
Todd & I before the tour started
After the tour, we walked back to our hotel, which is attached to where the expo is at. Todd had been entering a contest via texts for a chance to win some New Balance 759 shoes which don't even come out until July. Well, of course, right as we walk past the expo to go to the hotel, Todd checks his phone and sees that he won the shoes! He had tried to win like 5 or 6 times already but this time he actually won! We immediately went to the New Balance booth so he could pick them up. They are some cool looking shoes and he's so excited he won.

Todd's new shoes he won and we also got free hats just for entering the contest

We had dinner tonight at La Summa in the North End, Boston's equivalent to Little Italy. I had made these reservations about a month ago when I thought I would be running the marathon and would need to carb load. We decided to still go and have some good Italian and it didn't disappoint. I highly recommend this place.

We're just hanging out now before heading to bed so we can get up and work out before going out to watch the marathon.

I've had a few tough moments in Boston so far with the fact that I'm not running tomorrow because everywhere you look, someone is walking around in their Boston jacket. I will be sporting my Boston 2009 jacket tomorrow to watch the race. I'm really glad we ended up coming though because I had forgotten how special running Boston really is and this has made me more motivated for next year. I even told Todd that when I start to complain next winter about training in the cold and snow to remind me how I feel at this moment. Again, good luck to everyone running!

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Anonymous said...

awww i'm so glad you still decided to come to boston! it must have been so hard being around all those people. enjoy the race today! and you will be there next year and ready to chase that 3:30!! :)