Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boot Camp

I had mentioned awhile ago about teaching a boot camp class. It's an outdoor boot camp in Schiller Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings for an hour. Sessions are for 6 weeks (18 classes total) and run from March through September. I can't believe I'm almost done teaching the first 6 week session already!

I will be teaching 3 out of the 4 sessions this year. Even though it's good money, I didn't want to get burnt out and wanted to be able to enjoy the summer so I decided not to teach from the end of June to the beginning of August. My days seem very busy now with working out at 5am, working from 7:30am-4:00pm and then leaving to teach boot camp at 5:45pm and not getting home until almost 8:00pm. I feel like Tuesday nights are my only nights for me, which means running errands & catching up on my TV shows. By the way, I'm seriously lacking on that last one. I have shows on my DVR from the beginning of March!

The boot camp is great because I bring all the equipment (medicine balls, mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, agility ladder, agility hurdles, agility rings, cones, and jump ropes) and each workout I put together is completely different. I do a lot of circuits as well as high intensity cardio bursts (suicides, squat jumps, split lunge jumps, etc.) The participants test in on the first day of camp by running/jogging/walking 1 mile and doing push ups. They will test out on the last day of camp to see improvements.

The space where I set up between the trees

The bad thing about bringing the equipment is that I keep it in my car 24/7 so this is what my backseat currently looks like
And my trunk with more equipment
The hill I like to make them sprint up, do lunges up, or jog up & then do push ups at the top
Part of my set-up with their mats & medicine balls
You can barely see them but between the cones I have mini hurdles set up for part of the circuit
Another view of Schiller Park
It's nice because there's a path that goes around the whole park, which is very convenient for having them run

If you live in the Columbus area, you should definitely come check it out! Anyone is welcome to try 1 class for free.

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Anonymous said...

this look wayyyy cool! i wish i was in the area...maybe i will be towards the end of the summer if all things go according to plan with med schools and interviews...