Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boot Camp, Spinning & Running

I've had a super busy first few days of the week. Monday morning I got up at the crack of dawn (as in 4:15 AM) so I could get in a workout before heading out at 6:00 AM to help one of the other boot camp instructors with his morning class. They had just posted an awesome deal for Five Star Fitness Boot Camps on groupon & sold 135 of them! We thought a lot of people would show up at class on Monday morning but sadly only 2 out of 135 came. The coupon is good for 3 classes for $20, which is a 56% savings since classes are normally $15 each, but it doesn't expire for 1 year so some people might be waiting to use it. Anyways, since we were expecting a bigger turnout, I went to help the other instructor but since no one really showed up, I joined in on the second half of the workout. I headed straight to work from boot camp and after putting in my 8 hours at work, I went home for a bit before going to teach my boot camp class at 6:30 PM. I went straight from there to see Sex & the City 2 with a girlfriend. It was after 11:00 PM by the time I got home & I was exhausted.

Tuesday morning I got up after only 6 hours of sleep & headed to the Worthington Community Center for a spinning class. I don't belong to the community center but I came across the opportunity to be on the sub list for spinning classes. It's great because it's not a permanent class but I can pick and choose when I want to teach. I already have 4 classes lined up in the next few weeks! Anyways, I went to class this morning just so I could see how to work the stereo, mic, etc. It's a lot different feel than the gym I teach at on Sundays but I'm still excited to teach. After a crazy day at work & staying an hour late, I met up with Tracy at the Olentangy bike path to catch up & to run an easy 4 mi. We ran the 4 mi in 9:19 pace which was slow but good. It's nice not having to hit any certain paces during my runs.

I taught boot camp last night & plan to again tonight. Only 1 more week left of boot camp & then I'll have a break from teaching it until August! It'll be nice to have a few more nights to myself....or to actually hang out with Todd during the week.

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Anonymous said...

awesome about the spinning classes! you certainly sound like youre keeping busy. and a 430 wake up? gahhhhh. you = superwoman!