Monday, July 26, 2010

Jazz & Rib Fest

After I recovered from my terrible ten miler by napping & hanging out at Todd's apartment pool, we went to one of my favorite festivals in Columbus, the Jazz & Rib Fest. We walked around the whole festival first to see our options in terms of who looked they had the best ribs.

We spotted this booth giving away the chance to win an entire pig
We also found deep fried buckeyes! I'm always intrigued by anything deep fried, not because it will probably taste delicious and clog my arteries, but because I don't really get how literally anything can be deep fried. My love of buckeyes (if you're not from Ohio, it's basically a peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate) won over and Todd & I started with an order of them.

Deep fried buckeyes as an appetizer....yes please!
The inside was delicious mess of melted chocolate & peanut butter

The view of downtown Columbus in the background

We figured after starting with dessert, we should probably actually get some real food in our stomachs, specifically ribs! I'm a huge fan of corn bread so we went to a couple booths that had rib samplers as well as corn bread. Since we wanted to try a couple different places, we just go the sampler that only had 3 ribs.
Our first stop was "Big Boned" As you can see, the BBQ was from all over the country (this place was from Tennessee) and they liked to bring trophies to show off their talent for making ribs

Nothing like washing down some ribs & corn bread with orange pop

Our second stop was "Porky & Beans" and was similar to the first place but their BBQ sauce had a hint of cinnamon in it.

It was lip smackin' good What? Is there something on our faces?

On our way back to the car, we even stopped and listened to some of the jazz being played. Lots of people had the good idea of bringing chairs, tents, and umbrellas to set up to enjoy the music.

The main stage for the jazz at the festival

I had been talking about how we hadn't ridden Todd's motorcycle in quite awhile so when we got back to his place, we got out the bike and rode about 10-15 minutes to get ice cream. Obviously the deep fried buckeyes didn't satisfy my sweet tooth.

Enjoying ice cream cones at Handel's
Todd and his bike with all of our gear

We were both pretty wiped out after such a long, hot day so the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing in the air conditioning....and we might have also gone shopping too.


Anonymous said...

wow that looks exhausting but so. much. fun. :)

Anne said...

This looks like so much fun. I have never been to the jazz and rib fest but if I'm ever in town for it I will definitely have to check it out!