Sunday, July 25, 2010

Terrible Ten Miler

Yesterday morning I got up early so I could head out for 10 mi before it got too hot & humid; unfortunately, it never got below 80 degrees during the night so it was hot regardless of what time I was going to run. The plan was to head out and run 6 mi by myself and then swing back around to Todd's apartment and pick him up for the last 4 mi. As soon I left for the run, the humidity hit me in the face and the air was thick & heavy, definitely not ideal running conditions. I hit the first mile in 7:57 and wanted to quit, not because I was tired, but because I already had goosebumps. I was less than 10 minutes into my run and knew I was dehydrated but I pushed through. I passed a bank that said it was 86 degrees & I had a feeling it was 1000% humidity too. Just a hunch though. I went through the next few miles in 7:56, 7:55, and 8:05. I only had a couple more miles before I would be back at Todd's and would be able to have some water.

Those last 2 mi were a struggle though. I seriously debated stopping & walking the rest of the way back but I knew Todd would be worried about where I was when I didn't show up when I said I would. I honestly don't know how I ran those last 2 mi and the sad thing is, this wasn't even a really long run! I could understand if I was on my last mi of a 20 miler but I was only 4 mi into a 10 miler! I hit the last 2 mi in 8:26 & 8:27 before seeing Todd & telling him I didn't think I could run 4 more mi with him but I was also disappointed because I didn't want to only run 6 mi.

I stopped running & walked around for a few minutes. I went up to Todd's apartment to drink some gatorade too because I didn't think the water would be enough. I changed shirts because mine was soaked with sweat. I felt a little bit better & told Todd I thought I could run another 4 mi with him and we decided to just do 1 mi loops so I could easily get back to his apartment if need be. I felt surprisingly refreshed after my 10 min break and felt good the first few mi. Todd began to feel the heat shortly into the run though but we both finished somewhat strong. We averaged 8:53 pace for the 4 mi we ran together so I averaged 8:26 pace for my 10 mi. Not bad for feeling worse than I have in years on a run.

After a cooling down & finally not sweating, I took a nice shower, put on my compression socks, and took a short nap.

Todd snuck a picture of me sleeping with my compression socks....these things are amazing!

I also want to give a huge congrats to one of my high school friends, Gina, from Walk to the Mailbox. She's trying to join the 50 states marathon club, yes, she's trying to run a marathon in every state & D.C.! She's well on her way there as she's in the double digits for states completed, but she finally qualified for Boston yesterday at the Deseret Morning News Marathon in Salt Lake City. This girl is a rock star & I'm super pumped to join her in Boston next April!


Anonymous said...

great job pushing through. funny about forcing yourself to run through the heat just so todd wouldn't worry. that's totally my logic too: run even though it could be dangerous so that people don't assume something happened haha!

Anonymous said...

WITTICH! Thank you so much for the shout-out. I'm beyond pumped that we're going to have such an awesome group in Boston this year. HOW EXCITING, I can't believe I finally did it! YESS!