Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12th Annual Sexy 7 Gift Exchange

The other evening, I hung out with my best girlfriends from grade school & high school, otherwise known as The Sexy 7. It was our 12th Annual Sexy 7 Gift Exchange, a tradition we started our junior year of high school. We all come together around Christmas, bring a bunch of delicious food, catch up on some gossip, and exchange presents. This was the first time since our gift exchange last year that we'd all been together and it was a great night especially since Katie just got engaged! Not only am I getting married in August, but Courtney is getting married in June and Katie is getting married in July so we'll have 3 months in a row of weddings! I seriously cannot wait. Not to mention, Lindsey is having a baby in February.

The Sexy 7: Megan, Courtney, Katie, Lindsey, Lauren, Lynn, me
About a month before the gift exchange, Katie's boyfriend (now fiance!) will pick names for the gift exchange and then email who we have to buy our present for. It works out great because it's always a surprise who we have. This year I had Lindsey and bought her a pedicure. I thought she could use some pampering since she's 8 months pregnant. Katie had me and I was super excited about my present.

She gave me an engagement ornament for our first Christmas tree next year. Since neither one of us has ever had a tree, we are definitely in need of ornaments for next year.

Just Engaged!

The date we got engaged

Katie currently lives in Chicago and told me that these fleece-lined leggings are all the rage there. I was actually on the hunt for some new leggings and these are super soft and super comfortable. I love them!

These leggings are amazing!
And for those who are curious, I was informed I forgot to mention what I gave Todd on Christmas. His big present was a cooking class at Sur La Table and then I got him a bunch of smaller things like a few DVDs, a cutting board, a serving tray for cheese or appetizers, and a bottle of mead from Brothers Drake Meadery. If you couldn't tell, Todd loves to spend time in the kitchen & cook.

His new serving tray which, knowing him, will probably be used for cheese & crackers
from Bed, Bath, and Beyond


Anonymous said...

ummmm i love that you call yourselves the sexy seven. and i love the ornament. ones that have meaning just feel extra special and beautiful on the tree

Steph S. said...

your exchange sounds like so much fun! It's great that you all stay in touch :) your new ornament is so sweet! And your summer of weddings sounds great.

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