Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becoming a Yogi

When I got home last night from the Columbus blogger meet up (more on that tomorrow!), I found a package sitting outside my apartment door. I ordered a bunch of Christmas presents recently but the shape of this package pretty much gave it away.

Hmmm....what could it be?

It's my new yoga mat...in pink of course!

Since I started taking yoga at PAI Yoga & Fitness and found that I really enjoyed it, I wanted to take the next step and get a yoga mat. I won a free one at work a few weeks ago but it was not good so I took the advice from a good friend who has done yoga for years. Because I'm just beginning and didn't want to invest a lot of money into a yoga mat quite yet, she recommended the Aurorae Yoga Mat, which was only $35. Maybe if I take yoga more than once per week, I'll invest in the Manduka Yoga Mat from lululemon, but for right now, I can't justify spending $90 on a yoga mat. I used my new mat this morning in my Power Flow class & loved it! It was definitely money well spent.


Anonymous said...

yay yoga mat :) i can't wait to read about the meetup! bloggy meetups are so much fun

LYNN said...

So happy to hear you're happy with the mat! Nathan's mom said Chan's morning classes aren't as tough as her afternoons...so someday you'll have to come to the ones I go to!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE the pink...so fun. I wish I could have come to the blogger meet up, can't wait to hear more. I don't think i could justify 90$ on a mat either, if it was for running that is another story. Glad you loved it this morning!

Brittany said...

I bought a yoga mat a few years ago for a palates class I took. Needless to say, hubs uses it as a camping mat to sleep on! haha I hope yours gets better use than mine! Love the pink too!