Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Tradition

Ever since I was little, my Mom would bake sugar cookies for Christmas and make homemade icing and then my Dad, brother, and I would ice the cookies. As we got older, my brother either didn't help decorate them or wasn't home to help but my Dad & I have always done it. It's one of the few Christmas traditions that we have & I look forward to it every year. This will be the third Christmas that Todd & I have been together and the third time that he has come along with me to my parent's house to ice the cookies. On Saturday afternoon, we went over and spent a few hours hanging out with my parents and decorating cookies.

A few of the masterpieces....note Todd's red & white Care Bear cookie

A few more....again, note Todd's Christmas pirate upside down on the left

Icing one more cookie...and no, we weren't sitting like this the entire time
Todd & I
One last tradition with icing the cookies is the slop cookie. The slop cookie is the cookie that's made with all the leftover bits & pieces of dough. I decorate this cookie last and use all the leftover icing and pour it on. I have no idea when I started doing this but I can guarantee that this is the tastiest cookie because of all the icing.

2010 Slop Cookie


Anonymous said...

such a cute tradition! i absolutely love it. and i love that you and todd are continuing it :) props to you for all the icing though, when i made my halloween cookies with icing it was a freaking mess hahah!

Holly said...

I love Todd's pirate and Carebear! Creative! I love decorating Christmas cookies with my mom and sisters. Something to look forward to every year :)