Friday, January 28, 2011

Pilates & Pampering at lululemon

Last night, I met Lynn at lululemon at Easton for Pilates & Pampering. One of the lululemon Ambassadors was teaching a complimentary pilates class in the store for 30 minutes followed by pampering at Aveda across the street. I was excited because I was finally able to attend one of their in-store classes. They have yoga classes every Sunday but unfortunately it's at the same time I teach spinning so I can never make it. I hear the yoga classes are great too because they have a featured yoga studio once a month and an instructor from that studio teaches the complimentary Sunday classes that month. I love how lululemon really tries to reach out to the community and offer something other than a clothing line. Now only if their clothes weren't so expensive...

I heart you lulu
Anyways, the pilates class was great. I had never done pilates and thankfully I teach a core class so I managed to make it through 30 minutes but my abs were burning by the end. Afterwards, we went to Aveda for hand & chair massages and Lynn & I were able to catch up with each other. I'm really hoping lululemon will start having a more events during the week or on Saturday mornings.

I was also excited to finally show off my late Christmas presents from Todd. He had to take back one of my presents and we went shopping last weekend and he got me the Effortless Tote and Sigg Om Bottle from lululemon. I had been searching for a cute yoga mat bag and finally found one that will carry my yoga mat and all my other gym stuff. You can never go wrong with an "I Heart Running" water bottle either. I really needed to throw out the one I use every week for spinning and will replace it with this one.

Water bottle & gym bag....
...which doubles as a carrier for my yoga mat!

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Anonymous said...

confession: i've never meet to lulu before. looks like you had a great time. i've never done pilates either and with my corework in the tank lately i probably shouldn't. that would hurt!