Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding #15

On Saturday afternoon, Todd & I attended our 15th wedding together. My good friends, Courtney and Craig, were getting married and I couldn't have been more excited for them. Courtney is part of the Sexy 7, my group of best girl friends from high school. I was lucky enough to also go to college with Courtney, which is where she met Craig at the end of our junior year. A little over 7 years later and they were getting married!

Todd & I were running a little late to the wedding, in large part due to it taking longer than expected for Todd to fix the brakes on his car, but we snuck in right in time to see the bride walk down the aisle. In fact, we had to sit in a special side section as to not interupt the processional, but I think we actually ended up with some of the best seats in the church. The ceremony was beautiful and I think everyone, including Courtney & Craig, were ready to get the party started.

Bridal party with the bride & groom

Me, Megan, and Lynn outside the church....Lynn was a bridesmaid in the wedding and will be my Matron of Honor in exactly 2 months.....Megs will also be a bridesmaid in my wedding

Since we had just a little bit of time to kill in between the ceremony and the cocktail hour, a bunch of us drove to the Westin, the reception site, and headed to the hotel bar for a drink. We hung out for about a half hour before heading upstairs for the cocktail hour.

Todd & I

Quite a few of my favorite people at the cocktail hour

Some of the girls at the cocktail hour

Around 7:00 PM, we headed inside the ballroom to find our table for dinner. I was happy to find out Todd & I would be sitting with Megan & Brian as well as Dave & Liz. Lynn, who designed my Save the Dates as well as wedding invitations (which will be mailed today!), also designed everything for Courtney's wedding. I absolutely loved the menus as well as the favorite cookie boxes that had macaroons her sister-in-law made.

Menus & favor boxes

Todd & I at dinner

After dinner, toasts, and cake, the rest of the night consisted of lots of dancing, lots of laughing, and lots of ridiculousness in the photo booth.

The gorgeous bride with Megan, Lynn, and myself

Todd trying out his server skills with Brian...I'm still not sure where he snagged the entire bottle of wine from

I might have had 3 pieces of wedding cake.....again, I'm not exactly sure how that happened

Todd & I have 2 more weddings in the next 3 weeks before our wedding in August. The next wedding up is for another one of my good girl friends in the Sexy 7 and I can't wait to hang out with everyone all over again!

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