Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding #16

On Sunday, Todd & I went to our 16th wedding together. We only have 1 more to go next weekend until our own wedding! Another one of my good girlfriends from high school (and member of the Sexy 7), Katie, got married. Quite a few of my friends went to a camp called Camp Akita growing up and then became counselors and got involved in more leadership roles in college and beyond. Katie was lucky to met an incredible guy, Jason, at Akita years ago so it was only fitting they'd get married there. The ceremony was at Akita, which was about an hour outside of Columbus, and the reception was held in Columbus at Muirfield Village Golf Club (where the Memorial Golf tournament is held).

Arriving at Camp Akita

Their ceremony was at Vesper Hill and was absolutely beautiful with all the flowers

Katie & her dad walking down the aisle

During the ceremony....it was perfect weather!

Todd & I afterwards

Katie & Jason exiting as everyone blows bubbles

They even had Graeter's ice cream after the ceremony to help cool us off

The programs also doubled as a fan

We had about a 2 hour break in between the ceremony and reception so Todd and I had enough time to go home, freshen up, and change in time for the cocktail hour at Muirfield.

The tables & centerpieces were gorgeous

Loved the look of the cake!

View of the golf course scoreboard from the club house

Todd & I

A few of my best girl friends & I

Nathan & Lynn with their cupcakes

Megan & Brian

The food was delicious, the live band was unbelievable, the company was fantastic, and the newlyweds were glowing. It was such a great day and fun to hang out with all my friends at yet another wedding! 46 days to go until our big day!

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Sara said...

Wow! That ceremony is absolutely stunning - love the details and the forest! :)

As, always, thanks for sharing - reading about your weddings is so much fun!!!