Monday, September 19, 2011

Columbus Microbrew Festival

After running 21 miles on Saturday morning, Todd & I came home and got ready to head back downtown to the Columbus Microbrew Festival at the North Market. The past few years, we've always been out of town this weekend and have never been able to make it so we were excited to see we'd actually be around this year. Todd & I absolutely love the Ohio Wine Festival at the North Market they have every July and wanted to see what the microbrew festival was all about. We invited another couple to join us but only Kevin came with us because Brie was out of town.

Unlike the wine festival which is held outside, this event was actually held on the second level of the North Market, where they hold cooking classes and have extra seating for people eating at the market. For $20, you got 10 tasting tickets, a pint glass, and a $5 gift certificate for the North Market. It was actually a really good deal because the microbreweries that were there gave really large pours so you definitely got your money's worth of beer. Since I had just run a couple hours earlier and hadn't had anything to eat yet, I decided to not partake in the beer drinking but instead tried some amazing root beer one of the microbreweries made. It hit the spot!

Brochure & map of what microbreweries were there

There were 9 microbreweries from the central Ohio area and vicinity. Todd & Kevin had already tried most of the beers from the places right in Columbus so they were looking to taste from the 3 breweries they'd never been to.

We started at Hoster Beer

I had my Frostop Root Beer while the guys each had an ale

The next stop before we got some food to eat was Weasel Boy Brewing

Todd had a light pale ale

The view of the North Market vendors from the second level

The last beers Todd & Kevin tried were from Neil House Brewery

Kevin enjoying a stout while Todd had a hefeweizen

Despite the large crowds, we all had a great time and I know the guys were pleased with the new beers they tried. We will definitely have to go back again next year!

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