Friday, October 21, 2011

Race Photos from 2011 Columbus Marathon

The pictures I posted on my race report the other day were all taken from my camera by Todd. My parents were also at the race, biking around and cheering me on, and luckily my dad captured quite a few pictures too which is what are posted below. I will note: I'm waving in a few a of the pictures and I'm not waving for the camera, but I was waving to either acknowledge my parents or to get their attention if they didn't see me. I think it's easier for me to find them in the crowd than for them to find me in the race.

Pre-race in corral B


One last posed picture before the start of the race

Way too excited about running 26.2 miles

Fireworks at the start

Around mile 6

Waving at mile 12

Running through campus at mile 15

And the way, I really hope I beat the guy in front of me, he definitely doesn't look like he can run sub 8 minute pace

Passing through the Clif Shot station around mile 16...still on campus

And there I am waving again

Bringing it home at mile 25.5 with Emily to my right in gray

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lindsay said...

your parents got great shots! i hope you beat that guy too :)