Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Full a Day Later

Towards the end of last year, I was reading 614 Magazine and decided to enter a contest they were having for a free 10-course meal for 10 people at Molly Woo's Asian Bistro to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I absolutely love all Cameron Mitchell restaurants and think that Molly Woo's is better than P.F. Chang's (I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants to begin with) so I was really excited when I received an email a few months ago saying I had won the contest! It wasn't too difficult to decide who I was going to bring with me since 4 of my good girlfriends (from the Sexy 7) live in Columbus. I figured them plus our husbands would be a perfect 10. With everyone busy around the holidays, I scheduled the dinner in January so it would be a good opportunity to hang out once everything settled down from Christmas.

I really had no idea what to expect from a 10-course meal but I was pleasantly surprised when the chef called me a few days in advance to ask if anyone had food allergies. No one did but it gave me the chance to let him know one of my friends is a vegetarian. He said it wouldn't be a problem to accommodate her.

We all arrived last night at Molly Woo's and were escorted to the curtained "Bamboo Room" for our private dinner. Non-alcoholic beverages were included in the free meal but almost everyone opted for a beer or mixed drink. The server informed us that no menus were needed that night & they would just bring out each course as we were ready.

My lovely friends

1st Course: Crab Rangoon, Veggie Spring Roll, Potsticker

2nd Course: Sushi

3rd Course: Wonton Soup

4th Course: Calamari

5th Course: Pan-Fried Tofu

6th Course: Shrimp Pad Thai

7th Course: Beef, Asparagus, & Mushrooms

8th Course: Pineapple Chicken

9th Course: Salmon

10th Course: Choice of Coconut Cream Pie or Chocolate Cake

By the time 10:00 PM rolled around and after 3.5 hours of feasting, we were all stuffed! We couldn't believe how much food they gave us for each course and by the time the 9th course came, most of us were asking for to-go boxes. Molly Woo's did a great job of accommodating us and even switching some of the seafood dishes to either chicken or beef for a few people. We all had an awesome evening hanging out & eating lots of delicious food.

Oh, and almost 24 hours later, I'm still full!


Lindsay said...

looks awesome!!!

Anne said...

This looks amazing! I love Molly Woos!

Sara said...

WOW! That looks delicious! I will have to try it someday. Thanks for sharing!!