Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House Update

We had a minor setback when we had our house inspection 10 days ago. Since no one had lived in the house for 2+ years, the house had been winterized; unfortunately, it wasn't winterized properly so when the water was turned back on during the inspection, we found that the pipes in the master bath had burst and water was leaking down into the garage. At this point, the inspection was postponed as it couldn't be finished and Todd & I were left wondering what we were going to do. We definitely didn't want to pay to have the pipes repaired but weren't sure what our options were since the house is a short sale. Luckily, the bank was willing to have it fixed and did so this past weekend. We plan on having another inspection in a few days & as long as everything goes well, we will still be closing on our house in just a couple weeks!

With being on somewhat of a strict budget because of purchasing a house, I feel like this blog has become a little boring. Todd & I haven't been going out as much and in fact, spent Saturday evening at Home Depot & hhgreg looking at appliances. This is what we picked out & I'm so excited to purchase these GE Profile appliances!

We also spent some time looking at paint, trying to figure out what color we want to paint some of the rooms. Since this whole process is moving a lot faster than anticipated & we already have a lot of plans in the next 6 weeks (2 baby showers, bachelor party, wedding, and trip to San Francisco), we're looking to save time & hire painters. We also need to get all the carpets cleaned in the house before we move in in the middle of April. Any recommendations for interior house painters or carpet cleaners in the Columbus area?


Lindsay said...

downey clean does our carpets and we love them!

lindsay said...

Hey, home depot and house decorating is fun! I hope you'll share more photos :) whew for the bank taking care of the pipe trouble - yikes!

Walk to the Mailbox said...

email my mom - she is SO GOOD at resources for this stuff... anitadicello@columbus.rr.com :)

Unknown said...

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