Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Progress on Our House

Todd & I moved into our house last Thursday and spent the rest of the week & weekend slowly unpacking and getting settled in. We had to spend most of Saturday afternoon back at our townhome, picking up a some things we had left behind, cleaning, turning in our keys, and getting Todd's motorcycle....which he had to ride back in the pouring rain.

Since I last posted pictures of our empty house, we had painters come in and paint most of the interior of the house and had the carpets cleaned. While we still have quite a bit of work & unpacking to do, here is the progress since the last time I posted pictures:

Before: 1/2 Bath

After: 1/2 Bath

Before: Dining Room

After: Dining Room

Before: Kitchen/Dinette

After: Kitchen/Dinette

Before: Living Room

After: Living Room

Before: Exercise Room

After: Exercise Room

Before: Guest Room

After: Guest Room

Before: Master Bedroom

After: Master Bedroom

After: Master Bedroom

Before: Master Bath

After: Master Bath

We've also had one minor setback too since we've moved in...NO APPLIANCES! We ordered our refrigerator, range, and dishwasher several weeks ago but didn't find out until after we placed our order that the fridge was on back order and our order wouldn't be delivered until all 3 items were in stock.

Lovely hole where our range should be

So what have we been doing? Well for starters, we've been going out to eat A LOT! I think our goal is to try every fast food restaurant within a 2 miles radius. We will also be grilling out and using our toaster oven for most meals. And what about a refrigerator? Thank god Todd had a kegerator that had been sitting in our garage at our townhome which is now occupying our current garage. He filled in the tap holes and we created a few shelves with some wooden boards & plastic storage bins. It's been a real treat these past few days!

Our Makeshift fridge

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