Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding in Cleveland

Bear with me as I'm trying to get used to the new blogger layout & I've accidentally posted several posts unintentionally & unfinished.

Last weekend, Todd &I drove up to Cleveland for wedding #1 of 6 this year.  Erich is Todd's friend from work and he was marrying Chelaine. I was feeling under the weather but was excited to go to our first wedding together since our own.  We headed up late morning and made it just in time for the 1:00 PM ceremony.  With a full Catholic mass and vows, it was over a little after 2:00 PM and we had almost a 4 hour break until the reception started.  We weren't staying the night so didn't have a hotel room we could go back to so a bunch of us went to the Brew Kettle instead for beers and lunch.

Chelaine & Erich--the newlyweds!

Todd can't ever resist the sample beers

The reception was a blast--good food, cake, and lots of dancing!  Since we were driving the 2 hours back to Columbus that night, we ended up leaving around 10:00 PM to make it home.  Todd & I were both exhausted when we got home but had a great day with some really good friends.
First dance with the cake

First time seeing Mr. and Mrs. for our place cards

Todd & I

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