Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reunion, Running, Reading

What I've Been Doing....

Last Saturday, Todd and I drove about an hour and a half up north to Mohican State Park for a family reunion.  It was for Todd's dad's side of the family and I was able to meet a ton of his family that I'd never met before as well as hang out with some family I hadn't seen since our wedding.  Everyone brought a side dish or dessert (I brought my chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies that were a huge hit) and everyone hung out, played volleyball and hillbilly golf, canoed, ate, and had a great afternoon.

A bunch of family enjoying the day

Todd and our niece, Audrey, who I apparently caught mid yawn, but was wearing the outfit we got for her birthday last month

Todd & I with his Grandma

I've also been busy the past week getting ready for our big housewarming party/cookout we're having on Saturday.  As of today, we have almost 50 people coming over and of course, I want our house to look perfect!  We'll be cooking out burgers and hot dogs and trying to stay cool with a keg of Leinenkugel Summer Wheat and White Strawberry Lemon Sangria.

I also wanted to do somewhat of a theme for the party and this wrapping paper was my inspiration for the colors: lime green, orange, and blue.

I'm not going overboard on the color theme (at least, I hope not) but we have some paper lanterns to hang up, the paper products match as well as striped straws, and a few other small details.

Striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu

What I Hope to Run....

Before I get into a couple new races that have come across my radar in the past couple days, I wanted to share this discount program for fitness professionals, Asics Sound Body Alliance.  I received info in the mail about it and signed up immediately.  If you're certified or educated in the fitness industry, you'll get year round discounts and other perks but you do have to fill out an application for this free membership. Discounts can be 20-35% and while you can only use it on yourself (when you sign up, you have to pick your clothing & shoe size), they are currently offering the discount for friends and family.  Oh, and there's a promo code for free shipping & socks too with any order.  I just got Todd a pair of shoes that originally cost $110 for $88 plus got myself a 3-pack of socks that would cost another $11 for free.  Through this site, I can save $40 on my Asics Nimbus running shoes too.

I got an email yesterday about the new Rock 'n' Roll Lexington 1/2 Marathon next March.  It starts and finishes at Keeneland Horse Park and I hope to be able to run it.

The Hot Chocolate 15/5K series is coming to Columbus in November and while I'm intrigued by running a 15K, a distance I've never raced, I might actually be more interested in the hot chocolate and chocolate fondue after the race.

What I've Been Reading....

Fifty Shades Trilogy for book club

Just in time for the Olympics, Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu

Don't Put Me In, Coach by Mark Titus

And I'm excited for this new Emily Giffin book to come out soon

Hoping to stay cool this next week as we potentially reach 100 degrees tomorrow for the first time since 1999!

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