Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bachelorette Party in Akron

Two weekends ago, I helped host a couples shower for Emily & Mark, who will be getting married on September 1 in Akron.  This past Saturday, I drove up to Akron for Em's bachelorette party, which was held at 750ml, a wine boutique/bar.  If you know Em, then you know that it would be nothing short of a fabulous evening with tons of great ladies.  I've been to my share of bachelorette parties but we were going 30 strong for this one--I've never been at a bachelorette party with some many people before!  Thanks to Brittany, one of the matrons of honor, the evening was amazing and I'm sure was an evening Emily won't forget.

Outside of 750ml

We all sat on one half of the room, with most people at a long table.  We each paid $55 but this included flatbread, veggies, fruit, cheese, as well as a wine tasting (and basically as much wine as you wanted).  I didn't know a lot of the other ladies so I hung out with a few of the other bridesmaids as well as some of the others that came up from Columbus.

Our table with the wall-to-wall shelves of wine

Part of the spread of food....I loved how it was on marble slabs

Cupcakes with diamond rings in them

A view of the table towards the beginning of the evening

Em opening presents

Pretty sure Mark is going to enjoy all of these

Our wine tasting

Emily & I

We closed down the wine bistro and a few of us headed back to Emily's dad's house to stay the night.  We ended up staying up until 2:00 AM, just talking and having a great time.  I honestly don't know the last time I stayed up that late, usually I'm about to get up in a couple hours at that time!  The next morning, Emily's dad made all of us girls breakfast, which we ate in their fabulous backyard.  In fact, this is actually where Emily & Mark's wedding reception will be! 

Breakfast spread

View of the pool and green space

Another the left in the grass is where they will set up 3 large tents for the reception

I know I'm thrilled for Emily & Mark and can't wait for their wedding day in just 6 weeks!


emilyburkins said...

JEN! This post is so nice!! It was a perfect evening-- thanks so much for sharing it with me. Love you!

zerry ht said...

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