Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Couples Shower

In my world, summer and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Without fail for the past few summers, I've had about 5 or 6 weddings to attend.  Todd & I are beginning to wonder when all of our friends will finally be married so we will get a break!  We have 4 more weddings to go to this summer, all in August and September.  One of those is for Emily, one of my really good friends & former running partner.  I'll tell you one thing, there's nothing like getting to know someone better than training for a marathon with them.  Anyways, Emily & Mark are getting married Labor Day weekend in Akron but this weekend in Columbus, her bridesmaids (myself included) hosted a couples shower for them and it turned out wonderfully.  It ended up being the hottest day of the summer but luckily Cindy & Chris, who were hosting the party at their house, had plenty of space inside to accommodate everyone.

The theme of the shower was Martinis & Manhattans so we had quite the bar set up


Main spread with veggie side salads and flank steak

Dessert was mini cupcakes from Blue Frost Cupcake

The happy couple, Emily & Mark

Everyone socializing & drinking

Todd & I

Opening presents

Mark loves Woodford Reserve bourbon so Todd & I had a bottle engraved for them

Handmade quilt in their wedding colors, green & brown

Playing the Newlywed Game

They got the first question right but Mark lost interest quickly

This was the second couples shower I'd been to and I'll be honest, I like them a lot better than regular wedding showers.  Couples showers are more about hanging out and socializing as opposed to opening presents and playing games.  I had a ton of fun with some old friends that were there and getting to know the rest of the bridesmaids.  This weekend, I head up to Akron for her bachelorette party at 750ml, a wine bar.

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Not So Newlyweds said...

Looks beautiful and so much fun!