Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Columbus Commons Boot Camp

On Monday night, Todd & I went downtown to the Columbus Commons for a free boot camp class led by trainers from Fit Club, a CrossFit gym in downtown Columbus.  I should preface all this with the fact that I don't think Todd was as excited as I was to go to this class (and by that, I mean he wasn't excited at all) but throw in a bribe of hot dogs and tator tots afterwards and he was more than willing to come with me.  There are 5 free fitness classes being offered this summer at the Columbus Commons throughout the week: boot camp, CrossFit, kickboxing, yoga, and Zumba. 

We got downtown just as they were starting the warm up and we jumped right in.  It consisted of 3 rounds of 10 crossovers, 10 scorpions, 10 mountain climbers, and 20 jumping jacks. 

Walking up to join the group for the warm up

Todd taking a break after the warm up to get started with the rest of the workout

After everyone completed the warm up, we all lined up (there were about 50 people) and we did a more dynamic warm up with high knees, butt kicks, power skips, frog jumps, and bear crawls.  We then spread out and went through 3 rounds of 10 split lunge jumps, 10 T-push ups, and 30 flutter kicks.  I was getting amped up to see what the actual workout would be since we were already about 25-30 minutes in and were still getting "warmed up." 

Since this was put on by trainers from a CrossFit gym, the workout was definitely CrossFit based which I was excited about.  I've wanted to try CrossFit but am intimidated by heavy weights but knew this would be all body weight exercises.

WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • 100 meter run
  • 10 air squats (deep body weight squats)
  • 10 T-push ups
  • 30 flutter kicks

  • 200 meter run
  • 10 air squats (deep body weight squats)
  • 10 T-push ups
  • 30 flutter kicks
Repeat for 15 minutes

I manged to get through the entire workout 3.5 times!  I really pushed myself and only took one quick break to grab a sip of water.  I loved the challenge of pushing myself and trying to go through it as many times as I could.  It was a good set up for a big group workout too because people that wanted to push themselves could and others could go at a slower pace. Todd thought I was crazy because every time I ran past him, I had a huge grin plastered on my face.  After the 15 minutes, our workout was over.  I was a little disappointed there was no cool down or stretching afterwards but thought it was a great workout especially for being free.

Board with warm up and WOD

People hanging out afterwards

Great workout!

After the workout that left my legs shaking, we walked a couple blocks to Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace for what else but hot dogs and tots.  Yes, I realize it seems ironic to eat this after a hard workout but that's besides the  point. 

Dirty Frank's

Brisket and Slaw Dog with tots

Todd starts volleyball next Monday so I plan on going again with Emily, another Columbus blogger.  Anyone else care to join us?

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emily said...

i'm so excited to go, but also really scared that i won't be able to keep up with you!