Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Housewarming Party

After living in our house for a little over 2 months, we finally felt like our house was ready to "show off" so we decided to have a housewarming party/cookout.  With the crazy storms that ripped through Columbus on Friday night causing a lot of our guests to be without power, it ended up being perfect that our party was Saturday night so everyone could come over, enjoy the AC, and eat dinner.  We were lucky and never lost power so we spent all day Saturday cooking and cleaning.  We had asked that our guests bring a dessert or side dish to share and we ended up with lots of delicious food!  In total, we had about 40 adults and 15 or so kids.  It was a lot of people but we had plenty of space inside and outside to accomodate everyone.  It seemed like everyone had a great evening and we're excited to have our next get-together!

And of course, I forgot to take pictures during the actual party so this is all I have....

The inspiration for the color scheme

Our dining room which was set up for all the food (this was pre-party)

A view of the table with some of the food I made

And I made this cute condiment container

Drink tent

Lemonade & sangria were on the table and then we had coolers full of beer, pop, and water under the tent as well as a kegerator in the garage

Drink menu

White Strawberry-Lemon Sangria was a huge hit!  We made it with 5 bottles of wine and filled this entire container and it was gone by the end of night

We put together our new patio furniture and used it for the first time

I also had flavored tootsie rolls (in our color scheme of course) sitting around the house in glass dishes

The only people picture I took the whole night of our guests and this was at about 11:00 PM when everyone had pretty much left and it had started to rain outside

Todd & I after cleaning up and getting ready to head to bed....we stayed up until 1:30 AM!


Shannon Dew said...

Everything looks great!! I love your color palette! And that sangria sounds AMAZING!

Ashley said...

That Sangria looks delish!

lindsay said...

How fun! Good thing the power stayed on :)