Friday, September 7, 2012

Anniversary Cake

Even though we celebrated our 1st anniversary over two weeks ago, Todd and I just got around to having our wedding cake.  I know tradition says you're supposed to save the topper from your cake, freeze it, and eat it on your first anniversary, but anyone that knows me knows that I couldn't possibly wait an entire year to eat it.  In fact, we didn't even make it much past our honeymoon before we broke into it.  Plus, does the cake actually taste good after it's been in the freezer after a year?  Yeah, probably not, so why waste good cake?
Todd and I on our wedding day

Our topper the day after we got home from our honeymoon....we were clearly celebrating our 10 day anniversary when we decided to eat it

Our plan was to order another small cake with the same flavor & fillings as our wedding cake topper but we had to wait several weeks because we were actually in Savannah on our anniversary and then Todd went to Japan for a week for work.  I lived by myself for 3 years before we moved in last year but I am so used to living with Todd that it was a long week without him.  The good news was that he brought me some presents:

You could say I have a sweet tooth

Our wedding cake was from Short North Piece of Cake and was delicious!  We had 3 flavors: vanilla bean cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, and vanilla bean cake with almond filling, which is what we got for our anniversary cake.

Picking up the cake at Piece of Cake

So excited to open the box and break into the cake

Beautiful cake with pink flowers

Vanilla bean cake with almond filling

It was well worth the wait and I'm sure this is one yearly tradition I won't forget about!

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