Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding in Akron

For those of you keeping track, this was wedding #22 that Todd and I have been to together (not including 4 others we were invited to but couldn't attend due to conflicts).  We average about 7 weddings a year.  Totally normal, right?

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in Emily & Mark's wedding.  Emily and I became friends a few years back.  We knew of each other when we were at Ohio State (Em was finishing undergrad and I was in my 1st year in grad school but we both were Exercise Physiology majors and had a few classes together) but reconnected at the beginning of 2008 when we started running together with a few other mutual girl friends.  Emily was even at the wedding where I met Todd.  Even though she moved to Cleveland a couple years ago (which luckily for her she did because that's where she met Mark), we've still remained close friends.

Todd had been in Japan last week for business and had literally got home from the airport 30 minutes before we left for the rehearsal in Akron.  Needless to say, he was a little tired from the 13 hour time change but caught a few minutes of sleep on the drive up.

We checked into the hotel in Akron, changed, and headed over to St. Vincent's for the rehearsal.  After the rehearsal, we went to Papa Joe's Iacomini's for some amazing Italian food and fun times.  We had a late night party at the Father of the Bride's house, where the reception would be held the following evening, where the FOB's band played a few songs.  It was awesome!

Hotel bags

Some of the goodies including brownies, gold coins for Swenson's (which will be used after the Akron Marathon), and a special Do Not Disturb sign
During the rehearsal

Emily & Mark thanking everyone for being a part of their wedding day

Bridesmaid gift included jewelry and a great silk robe (which Todd decided to wear around the hotel later that night....hysterical)

Em & I

FOB's band playing after the rehearsal dinner

Todd & I

Em & Mark dancing to My Girl

In keeping with our tradition from my wedding day last year, Em and I met her dad the morning of her wedding for an easy 3 mile run.  Being the great friend she is, she took me to run part of the Akron Marathon course and I immediately got nervous as I saw some of the hills I'd have to run up. 

After our run, we went back to the hotel to shower and then all the bridesmaids met at the salon to start getting pretty for the wedding.

Bagels & mimosas

Hanging out

Getting my hair done

Em was so calm the entire day

Getting her make-up done

Finishing touches to her hair

Matrons of honor holding up Em's dress

Ready to go!

Drinking some champs on the way to the church

Gorgeous flowers

Em meeting Mark at the altar with her dad and brother on either side of her

A little blurry but they're saying their vows

 After the ceremony, the guests went immediately to the reception at her dad's house while the bridal party hung around for some more pictures.  Todd knew a few of the other bridesmaid's significant others from the couples shower a few weeks ago but he knew a few of my other girlfriends that were also at the wedding so he wasn't alone.

Em's dad's house

Cute sign pointing to the backyard

One of the main tents with tables
Dance floor (I loved the big chandeliers hanging inside the tents)
Another view

Close up of the bridal party table

Cocktail area

Part of the food display (clearly after the food had been eaten)

"Meet the bridal party" table and sparklers for later

Meet Jenny!

Wedding cake & cake pop favors

Their guestbook (they also had Mad Libs on each table which was fun to fill out)

Todd & I

First dance

The girls I ran Boston with in 2009 were all at this wedding

3.5 years, 3 kids, and 2 weddings later...here we are

We had a great night dancing & ended the night enjoying a rather large piece of wedding cake!

I was so happy to be a part of their wedding day & hope they enjoy their honeymoon in Bali!

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