Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dinner at 101 Beer Kitchen

After the baby shower I hosted on Saturday, Todd & I went to dinner with some friends to a new restaurant just a few miles down the road from us, 101 Beer Kitchen.  They have lots of craft beers on tap (big plus for Todd) and the menu changes seasonally using fresh ingredients.

While the menu isn't too extensive, there were plenty of dishes to choose from that sounded delicious (notice the drink in the back...I was excited they had root beer on tap)

We shared several appetizers, including tator tots, deep fried pickles, and soft pretzels

For dinner, I got the Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad (but swapped chicken for salmon) and a side of Mac & Cheese (the size of the side was huge, I hardly put a dent in it but it was really good)

Em & Mark had driven in from Cleveland for the shower and were staying the night with us (Mark kept Todd company during shower where they got lunch & drinks...many drinks)

Em & Mark, Todd & I, Lynn & Nathan

I highly recommend trying out 101 Beer Kitchen....clearly it must be good if Lynn has been no less than 8 times since it opened on October 1.  It's nice that a good local restaurant has finally made it's way up near us so we don't have to drive downtown/Short North/German Village area to get the same experience. 


Lindsay said...

This is so close to my house. I keep meaning to try it, but haven't, You have given me the push.

Laurie said...

We went there the night before the marathon and I've been thinking about it every since! Yummy food! Glad you enjoyed it too!

emily said...

i love your outfit! i need to get a chambray shirt!