Friday, November 2, 2012

A Tough Decision

After days of going back and forth about whether to fly to New York to run the marathon on Sunday (I think I changed my mind no less than 50 times, seriously), I finally decided last night at 6:00 PM, a mere 14 hours before our flight, that we weren't going to go.  Our hotel had power, our flight was still scheduled to fly into Laguardia, and my bags were already packed but I just didn't feel right about going.  I have probably wasted way too many hours the past 2 days on social media trying to get a feel for what was actually happening in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs to make a decision.  The consensus was split 50/50; a lot of people thought it was absurd to run a marathon through the devastation and destroyed areas and a lot of people thought the race should go on and people should come and support the New York community.  Similarly, I was also split 50/50.  It's been a dream of mine to run the New York Marathon but I wanted the full experience of 47,000 runners, a city full of life, and being able to see my friends that live in Queens and Brooklyn.  None of which I knew I would have if we went this weekend.  So with a heavy heart and thankfulness that I'm safe & healthy in Ohio, I've decided to defer my entry to 2013.  Here's to next year....hopefully!

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