Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Recap: October 29-November 4

Seems like I made the right decision last Thursday evening since New York Marathon ended up being cancelled on Friday afternoon.  I don't think I would have been too happy had we flown there on Friday morning only to find out a few hours later the race was cancelled.  Everything happens for a reason.

The New York Marathon was supposed to be my last big race of the year but I don't feel quite complete since I didn't get to run it.  I'm considering running another race (5K, 10K, or 15K) before the end of the year if I can find one at a reasonable price.  I had paid $255 for the marathon I didn't end up running and won't be getting that money back.

First part of the week was my normal taper/race week runs and I finally started doing Insanity workouts again on Saturday.  I was hoping for a longer run yesterday but my lower body was pretty sore from Insanity.

Monday: 5 mi w/ hills (8:17 pace)

Tuesday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX Combo class

Wednesday: 6 mi (8:12 pace w/ 2 x 10 min @ 7:55-8:00 pace)

Thursday: taught 1 hr Spin/TRX Combo class

Friday: REST

Saturday: Insanity Pure Cardio (40 min)

Sunday: 6 mi (8:15 pace)

TOTAL: 17 mi

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