Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OSU Football Game

Todd is a lifetime member of the OSU alumni association so he has the opportunity every year to possibly get football tickets.  Since Todd graduated in 2004, he's always received tickets for the first game of the season but this year he hit the jackpot and not only got a Big 10 game, but one of the biggest games of the season, OSU vs. Nebraska.
Even though I'm technically an alum of OSU (ok, I am an alum but I went to grad school there so it's totally different than undergrad where I'm a Dayton Flyer through and through), I've only been to two football games at the 'Shoe.  Both were the first games of the season when OSU was on quarters (they just switched to semesters this year) so the students weren't even back on campus.  They were fun but definitely not quite as exciting.  I was pumped to get to go to a bigger game this year and since it was a night game, Todd & I went down to campus a few hours early to soak in the atmosphere....and so Todd could have some beers.  We knew everywhere we went would be packed but we didn't really care.  We went to B-W3s on Lane & High where we ordered some appetizers to go and ate them on a bench right inside the restaurant.  It was open seating but I'm pretty sure whoever had a seat wasn't going to give it up for a long time.  We were lucky to be there just as some of the cheerleaders and Brutus walked in the door.  I love mascots and I'm sure I squealed in excitement like a child.
Brutus even posed for me!

Our next stop on campus took us just a few blocks down High St where Todd insisted we would eat the best donuts around at Buckeye Donuts.  He used to stop here after class some mornings in college and get a blueberry donut and cappuccino.  I swear he talks about it every time we drive past it so we finally made the oh-so important stop so I could try it out myself.

We couldn't decide so we ended up getting 3 donuts: chocolate glazed, pumpkin, and blueberry

After our donut binge, we walked over to the stadium and headed to our seats.  We were way up in C deck but still had a great view of the field.  The only bad thing about the seats was the cold wind blowing on us most of the night.  I had come prepared and wore compression socks under my jeans as well as a thermal long sleeve shirt, fleece coat, and North Face jacket but I was still cold.

Teams warming up prior to the game

Todd & I

What started as a close game ended up being a blowout as Ohio State beat Nebraska 63-38.  Despite the cold, we had a blast!  I especially loved the half time show where the OSU marching band did a montage of different old school video games (Tetris, Zelda, Super Mario Brothers). 

No half time show at the 'Shoe is complete without Script Ohio!

We probably won't be going to another game this season but plan on either tailgating or at least being on campus for the Michigan game at the end of November.

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Anne said...

So fun! Yesterday there was a yahoo story on the halftime show and I watched the video - incredible! I haven't been to a game at the shoe in years, and Derek has never been, so it made me really want to take him to one. Too bad tickets are so stinkin expensive!