Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Wheels

On Friday night, I drove out to Marysville to meet Todd so I could pick up my new car and trade in my old car.  Since Todd works at Honda, he was able to order it (and get a slight discount...trust me when I say slight) and have it shipped to a dealership.  He ordered it just about two weeks ago and we were surprised it came in so quickly! 
I've had my 2002 Honda Civic since Christmas break of my senior year at UD in 2004 and had managed to keep it in pretty good condition; however, it was starting to get to that point where we were putting more money into it than we really wanted to.  On top of that, this summer, it started to make some loud noises any time I drove over 40 mph and it would start to shake a little bit when I drove over 60 mph.  Oh, on top of that, the heat and air conditioning would only work (as in, it would only heat up or cool down) when I was driving on the highway.  Anytime I stopped at a red light, it would immediately turn cold (if the heat was on) or hot (if the air was on).  I'm pretty sure those things aren't good so once we got settled into our new house, we started discussing a new car.  I knew I wanted a smaller SUV and the CRV seemed to fit our budget. 
My second car but first car I purchased all on my own...still pretty proud that I paid it all off in about 2 years when I was finishing college and in grad school

My new shiny car

So excited (and a bit nervous) to drive it home

Do you notice in the above pictures how one seems to be taken in daylight and the other late at night?  Funny story....

The night before we went to the dealership, we got together my title, spare keys, etc for my Civic so we could trade it in and I asked Todd if he had his checkbook.  He said yes, it was in his work bag, but when he pulled it out at the dealership on Friday afternoon, it was empty!  He had used his last check and forgot to order more so after we signed all the paperwork, we had to drive 30 min back home to get the checkbook, drive back to Marysville to drop off the check and get my car, and back home which added an extra 1.5-2 hours to our trip.  We got to the dealership at 4:30 PM but didn't officially have my car until almost 8:00 PM.

Anyways, I'm loving our new car and am still trying to figure out all the bells & whistles that come along with it.  Heck, I was excited my 2002 had a CD player and now there's SO much more to play around with.


Not So Newlyweds said...

Love the new car!!

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Carry said...

Cheers to your new car! It's definitely the right time you purchased a new car. It's hard on the budget when you spend so much for those undying repairs. Well, it's nice to know that you're loving your new ride! :)

-Carry Demaggio