Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Celebration for the Father-to-Be

I had planned a special day for Todd on Saturday to do something he's been talking about wanting to do for a few years now.  It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate his first father's day as a dad-to-be as well as check this off our list of things to do before our newest addition arrives in a few months. 
After having to get up early to go to work for a few hours, Todd arrived home and we quickly jumped in the car to drive to Dayton to go to the National Museum of the US Air Force.  The museum is free and is huge!  We only spent 2 hours walking around and could have very easily spent another 2 hours there looking at the airplanes and reading all the displays more carefully.  Unfortunately, as part of recent budget reductions due to sequestration, a few areas were closed, like the Presidential Gallery where you can see an old Air Force One.  To be honest though, there was plenty of other exhibits to look at and I swear there were hundreds and hundreds of different planes. 
Outside the museum

The museum had three large hangers that were divided up into different sections such as The Early Years, World War II, the Korean War, Southeast Asia War, and the Cold War.  I was impressed how much Todd knew about different planes and could identify them without reading the description.  I, on the other hand, needed a 10 minute lecture from Todd about what the Cold War was.  Apparently, history wasn't my strong suite in school.

A model of the first war plane used in the US built by the Wright Brothers

My favorite plane...

the Jenny plane!

Like I said, there were planes everywhere...on the ground and hanging from the ceiling

Some more

and a few more

Todd & I

Our next few stops after the museum were part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park where Todd was able to get more stamps for his National Park Passport book.  We went to Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center first where exhibits focused on the Wright Brothers development of the world's first airplane in 1904 and 1905.

I think Todd is trying to look like an airplane

Next, we drove a few miles to the Wright Cycle Company Complex, which included the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center, Aviation Trail Visitor Center & Museum, and the Wright Cycle Company.   There was a museum in the interpretive center that focused on the Wright Brothers print shop business and the Wright Cycle Company is housed in the original building of one of the Wright Brothers' bicycle company.

Part of the complex

Such a sucker for taking pictures in cut outs

Outside one of the original cycle shops

Side view of the building

Since we were only a few miles away, I wanted to drive through UD's campus to see how it's changed since the last time I was there three years ago for my 5 year reunion.  First of all, how did I graduate college 8 years ago already?  Second of all, current students there are lucky with all the updates to buildings and housing!  It looked great!

Main Entrance to campus

Our last stop in Dayton is practically on UD's campus and was to Woodland Cemetery.  Sounds morbid but the Wright Brothers as well as Paul Laurence Dunbar and Erma Bombeck are buried there.  Unfortunately, the cemetery is so large we ended up just driving around and never actually saw any of the famous graves.  It did bring back memories of running cross country at UD though as we would occasionally have practice there.  Again, sounds morbid and weird, but it's really hilly and was great training. 

Woodland Cemetery

Once we got home, we decided to grill out and then get out the fire pit (only the second time using it) and made s'mores....which was pretty much the entire reason I wanted a fire pit.

Roasting marshmallows

Todd roasting one marshmallow

while I went with the 2 marshmallow method

The finished product....clearly, Todd's is on the left

We each had 2 s'mores..one with Hershey's chocolate and one with Reese's cups
Todd had to work again on Sunday morning so when he got home, I had a little Father's Day present waiting for him.
Opening the card first

He was very excited for his growler and gift card for the Daily Growler and the book, Father to Daughter

Todd has been great dealing with me during the pregnancy thus far....although, in his words, I was more emotional before I got pregnant so I really don't think it's been too bad....and he deserved a special weekend.


Not So Newlyweds said...

I've always wanted to go to the Air Force Museum! What a great idea :) Glad you both had a good father's day!

Jamie Kulik said...

Sounds like a fun father's day and I want those smores! they look so good!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!I have been following your blog now for about a month -- I just stumbled upon you somehow (maybe through Neon Blonde Runner?) and GUESS WHAT?? I went to UD too!! I was actually just back 2 weekends ago for my 5 year reunion (post coming soon on that)!! GO FLYERS!!


lindsay said...

what a fun weekend! seriously, how does time post-college fly so fast?! your smores look great!