Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bump Update: Week 37

Officially full term!

How far along: 37 weeks & 3 days

Size of baby: A little over 19 inches long, weighs about 6 1/3 pounds, and is the size of a watermelon

Weight gain: 19 pounds (I think it's funny that almost every week the length of the baby is the same as my weight gain)

Maternity clothes: Maternity pants/shorts and regular & maternity tops & dresses

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contraction & cramping....seriously, if Braxton Hicks contractions were any indication of when I was going to go into labor, I would've had this baby about a month ago!  I was afraid of swelling this past week too with such hot weather but nope, never had any.

Gender: Girl

Exercise: Plan on teaching Spin/TRX two days/week up until my due date and either Spinning, running, or doing a TRX/Cardio workout at home a few days/week for a total of 5-6 workouts/week

Food cravings: Fries and milkshakes but I get so full so quickly.  I can't wait to have my appetite back.

Food aversions: Nothing

Movement: Moving & squirming ALL THE TIME and I feel like a bad mom already when I wish she would nap more instead of move around!

Sleep: Sleeping great but having some really weird & intense dreams lately which cause me to wake up and question if it was real or not

Looking forward to: Dr appointment on Friday and hoping for progress.  Last Friday, I had zero progress and baby girl was nice & comfortable in there....definitely not what I was hoping for but I can hang in there for a few more weeks since I've been feeling pretty good still.

Best moment of the week: Having Monday off work was amazing....loved the 3-day weekend!  Another great moment...trying on a pair of my regular (pre-pregnancy) jeans for fun and finding out that they still fit!

First bare belly shot I've posted but I was seriously pretty excited I could still fit into my normal jeans at 37 weeks pregnant

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emily said...

i hope any future pregnancy i have is like yours!