Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Usually I'm excited for Thanksgiving because it means I have a 4-day weekend but this year, since I'm still off work on maternity leave, I was excited to have Todd home for the 4-day weekend and enjoy Lucy's first Thanksgiving.
Since my brother lives in San Francisco, he usually only comes home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This year, he came home for Thanksgiving because he's going on a climbing expedition in Argentina over Christmas.  Not only was it Lucy's first Thanksgiving but also the first Thanksgiving at my parent's new place. 
Rodrick family....Lucy was napping so she could have enough energy for her Thanksgiving feast

Another family photo

Lucy wasn't too sure what to think about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner

Meghan, my brother's girlfriend, also known as the "Baby Whisperer"

My brother, Jeff, with his niece....and neither one is crying!

Hanging out on the couch

On Friday afternoon, Lucy stayed with my mom for a few hours while the rest of us went down to North High Brewing to make a batch of beer.  It was Jeff's present to my dad for his 60th birthday from last month so we were able to all help make it and it should be ready in a few weeks so we'll be able to try it in January when Jeff comes home again for Lucy's baptism.

Todd & my dad started with a taster tray to figure out what type of beer to make

Bar area looking into the brewing area

Todd & I split a delicious panini and chips

Learning about the brewing process that would occur

Measuring out the grain

Adding ingredients

Measuring the hops

More measuring

Adding ingredients to the brew kettle

Everyone involved in the beer making

The whole process took about 3 hours and after it ferments, the beer will be ready to be bottled and picked up in a few weeks.

On Saturday, my parents came over to our house so my dad could take our Christmas card photo in front of our fireplace.  We haven't bought our Christmas tree yet (hoping to do it this weekend) but I made sure to at least have our fireplace & mantle decorated.

Todd & I posing before adding Lucy to the mix
We spent the rest of Saturday watching college football and watching movies....two of Todd's favorite things!  I wasn't feeling the greatest and still feel like I'm on the verge of getting either a cold or sinus infection so I spent part of the day on the couch.
Since Todd was home for 4 mornings when Lucy woke up, he was able to spend time with her in the morning and give her a bottle while I could run & shower without being worried Lucy would wake up or be fussy.  On Sunday morning, after I ran 4 miles and got ready, I came downstairs to find Todd & Lucy cuddled up together under the blanket on the couch watching a movie.  It was too cute not to capture on camera.
Like father, like daughter

Jeff and Meghan were flying back to San Francisco late Sunday afternoon and my parents had left on Saturday for a trip to NYC so Jeff & Meghan spent part of the afternoon hanging out at our house before we drove them to the airport.  Todd & I then spent the rest of the long holiday weekend eating pizza and watching Home Alone.

I think Lucy enjoyed Home Alone...she was mesmerized by the TV

Todd & I wrapping up a great weekend


BeckyJo606 said...

I love long weekends!! I love Lucy's Thanksgiving outfit--she is so cute. :) I am also excited to see your Christmas cards. You are so smart to decorate the mantle for your pictures--no one will know if anything else is decorated :)

Meghan said...

I love Lucy's outfit! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday - and it's great that you were able to get out and enjoy some brews, too:)

By the way, you look fabulous!