Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day Trip to Visit Family

On Saturday, Todd, Lucy, and I took the 3 hour drive up north to Leetonia to visit Todd's family.  They hadn't seen Lucy since her baptism last month and with how quickly she's changing and growing, we want to make sure her grandparents, cousins, and aunt & uncle have the opportunity to see her frequently.  Lucy did great on the drive up and slept almost the entire drive.  We stopped for lunch when we were almost there and I was able to feed Lucy in the car.  We had put a sleeper on her so just in case she pooped, we'd have clean clothes to put on her.  We changed her into a really cute outfit right before I fed her and of course, when I went to burp her, she threw up/spit up everywhere.  She's only spit up a handful of times so this was definitely unexpected and I had it on my shirt and jeans and Lucy had it all over her outfit so we had to change her back into another sleeper.  I hadn't thought to pack extra clothes for myself though...lesson learned! 
We made a stop at Todd's parents house first to see the progress on their kitchen and bathroom renovation before heading over to his sister's house for the rest of the afternoon.  Lucy was really good at her Mama and Papa's house but she only took a short 10 minute nap on the way to her aunt and uncle's house so she was a little fussier over there.  Considering how she'd been in the past though, she is definitely getting better with other people and larger crowds. 
Lucy hanging out with her Papa

She's obsessed with chewing on this blanket

Playing with her cousin, Andrew

I'd say she's having fun with him since she's got a smile on her face

Posing for a picture

Todd & Lucy opening up her Valentine's day present from her grandparents
I didn't take any pictures once we went to Todd's sister's house because I was busy with Lucy and playing with our niece & nephew.  We left around 6:30 PM and Lucy slept most of the way home (which I figured she would since she's usually in bed between 7:30-8:00 PM).  We got home around 9:30 PM, fed her, and she went straight back to sleep.  It was a really nice, although short, trip to visit them and it's hard to believe the next time we're there, it'll be Easter!  This year is flying by!


Nat said...

Sounds like a great trip! I agree with trying to visit family as often as possible because they change so much in such a sort amount of time

tiffany said...

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