Friday, February 28, 2014

Lucy at 5 Months

5 months (pictures taken on February 28, 2014 since there's no February 29 this year)

Lucy is such a joy to have in our lives and Todd & I feel so lucky that she's our daughter.  This month seemed similar to last month and that she's becoming more and more interactive and engaged in activities.  She loves playing on her activity mat and holding onto all the toys hanging above her. She still isn't rolling over in either direction (I think when she did it last month it was a fluke) but she has great neck control and we're not concerned about her not rolling over yet. She loves to roll from her back to her side (which is usually how she sleeps at night) but just can't get her hips to flip over. We try tummy time every day and I think she could be rolling over in the next month but who knows.  We also got out her jumperoo a couple weeks ago that she got for Christmas from Todd's parents and she really likes moving around in it.  It took her a few times to figure out what to do but now she'll move her legs like crazy, jump around, and try to lick all the toys.  We were able to go out for one walk last week when the weather "warmed up" to 45-50 degrees but the nicer weather was short-lived.  I cannot wait to start taking daily walks with her and even walking around the zoo since we have a membership.  We still have her in the carseat in the stroller but I think in the next month we could probably try to put her directly in the stroller seat.

Lucy has been doing great with my mom when I'm at work and they've even started going to story time at the library on Thursday mornings.  My mom said that Lucy really likes the other babies there and gets excited when she sees them.  Todd & I went out to dinner on Valentine's day and she did great when my parents watched her and my mom easily put her to bed with no fuss which is a huge relief!  It was the first time someone other than Todd or I had put her to bed.

Weight: I'm guessing she's around 14 pounds. She was 12 lbs 13 oz at 4 months and we will go back to the doctor next month

Length: Not sure, she was 24.9 inches at 4 months and we will go back to the doctor next month

Clothes: Lucy's wearing a combination of some 0-3/3month clothes as well as some 3-6/6 month clothes.  Most of her 0-3/3 months clothes still fit but since she's been wearing them for a few months now, I was getting sick of the same outfits so I started adding in 3-6/6 month outfits.  She also still wearing size 1 diapers.

Eating: She has continued to eat 4 times/day, taking breast milk exclusively.  She will take 1-2 bottles/day (~6 oz.) from either Todd or my mom and then I will nurse her the other 2-3 times.  Todd will give her a bottle on the mornings I have to teach and will usually give her a bottle at night at least once a week so he can spend more time with her.  My mom will give her a bottle in the late morning when I'm at work.   Luckily, I haven't had any supply issues and hope that it stays that way!  We plan on starting her on baby food once we go to her 6 month appointment next month.

Sleeping: Nothing new to report on Lucy's sleeping as she is a fantastic sleeper and continues to sleep 11-12 hours straight at night.  She is such an easy baby to put to bed  too.  She will eat right before bed (I usually feed her but at least once a week, Todd will give her a bottle and put her to bed so he can spend more time with her) and then will be put down in her crib when she's sleepy but still kind of awake and will fall asleep on her own.  Sometimes we give her a pacifier but most nights, she'll either just fall asleep right away or suck on her hand . One of the most impressive things this month though was when we did give her a pacifier and it fell out and then, in the dark, she was able to find it and put it back in her mouth the right way.  We have had a few nights where she'll cry in the middle of the night for a couple seconds but when I look at the monitor, she's asleep. There have been a few cases though where she's crying and I can't even see her on the monitor because she's moved so much and is smashed against the side of the crib so one of us goes in and moves her back to the middle of the crib. She also takes 2-3 naps during the day which are anywhere from 30 minutes-1.5 hours.

Likes: sucking on her hand, putting everything in her mouth, scratching things (carpet, chair, couch), talking/babbling, jumping in her jumperoo
Dislikes: tummy time

Milestones: First Valentine's Day, story time at the library, first time being put to bed by someone other than Todd or me, first time in her snowsuit out in the snow


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BeckyJo606 said...

Lucy is so cute!! I love that she licks her toys in her jumper--that's hilarious.